Best Panasonic Massage Chairs

For more than a century the Panasonic brand is a household name for producing a lot of industrial and consumer innovations, too many to mention! We will focus on their manufacturing of Panasonic Massage Chairs.

Panasonic states that they do not manufacture engineered massage chairs, but ‘zengineered’ ones. They are of the opinion that their massage chairs are much more than usual home appliances. They claim that their massage chairs has the ability to transform fatigued and highly strung users into zeniths.

According to the company their massage chairs transfer users to idyllic states which are based on a blending of zenlike, ancient ideas, intuition, meditation and avant garde technology.

Whilst other manufacturing companies pledge to knead, pound and massage their users into a state of calmness, Panasonic want you to take into consideration that they will give you deep therapy, caressing & lulling you into an unequalled state.

Now lets have a look at the list of best panasonic massage chairs

List of Top 6 Panasonic Massage Chairs

Massage Programs
Check Price
1. Panasonic Ma73ku
6 programs
33 airbags

2. Panasonic Ma70
6 programs
33 airbags

3. Panasonic Real Pro
5 programs
35 airbags

4. Panasonic Swede Atsu
12 programs
31 airbags

5. Panasonic Ma70cx
12 programs
33 airbags

6. Panasonic Maj7
13 programs
37 airbags

1. Panasonic’s EP MA-73KU – Heated Massage Chair

This massage chair is the flagship of the Panasonic range of massage chairs.

The fact that this Panasonic massage chair is called their Prestige Luxury chair is no coincidence. This massage chair is the essence of style and the Panasonic EP MA-73KU Real Pro-Ultra Prestige 3D luxury massage chair has this heated function.

It is upholstered with synthetic leather of top quality and can be purchased in brown or black, whilst the fabric will please environmentalists too.

This excellent massage chair delivers a full-body revitalizing treatment which treats your back, hands, feet and calves like royalty.

Its massage rollers operate collaboratively as well as in various directions, stretching & soothing your muscles until totally relaxed.

Your massage experience will deliver immediate therapeutic alleviation which also includes improved range of movement, increased blood flow, whilst providing clear thinking, a psychological benefit.

Due to the fact that the Pro-Ultra provides a 3D massage, certain regions of your body which might be overlooked by other massage chairs, receive extra attention. When the heating mechanism of this Panasonic massage chair is activated, users of this opulent chair compare their massage experience with receiving hot stone therapy.

This chair offers a choice of ten kneading programs; everyone imitates the Junetsu massage techniques which imitates the thumb-like circular kneading movements provided to the body’s areas which need the most attention.

You can choose from the following variety: Neck; 3D Neck; Shoulder; Side; Upper-back – vertical; Upper-back – high speed; Lower-back – vertical; Middle-back; Full Back & Waist.

Each targeted application consisting of circular strokes are identifying & targeting the body’s accupoints which are known for boosting energy by experts who specializes in the massage therapy of the East.

  • High-comfort luxury massage chair.
  • Multi-directional thermal massage rollers.
  • Comes with Ten kneading techniques.
  • 3D massage system with 33 air cells.
  • 6 automatic massage programs.
  • 110 manual massage programs.
  • Expensive massage chair.
  • Replacing parts is tough and difficult.
  • Timer period is short.


2. Panasonic EP MA-70 – Real Pro-Ultra Massage Chair

This Panasonic massage chair has the approval of the American Chiropractic-Association.

This chair is new to Panasonic’s collection of massage chairs, whilst it is just available in black. The Panasonic EP MA-70 Real Pro-Ultra’s price tag is its compensating feature. It comes at a price which is approximately $1,000 lower than the Prestige chair, which we discussed first in this review.

However, both these chairs are manufactured by Panasonic which give you all the perks, whilst you can save a substantial amount of money.

The inner workings of this chair are its main benefits and features. This Panasonic chair, with its Real Pro-Ultra 3D massage-system has the automatic body-scanning technology which is isolating the regions of your body which need the most therapeutic attention.

This chair’s rollers do not just provide your aching muscles & tissue with multi directional attention, but are heated too, giving consumers a full Japanese Junetsu massage with strokes which are imitating human hands.

Panasonic introduced this massage system, called Ultra-Knead technology.

The Real Pro-Ultra massage chair offers a refreshing alternative to users who were looking at massage chairs which can just be customized for a single person. Customized programs are possible for up to three individuals, whilst these programs will remain within the memory of the system as long as you have this Panasonic massage chair.

  • Recommended by doctors.
  • LCD remote control is available.
  • Six-preprogrammed massage modes.
  • 108 massage combinations are available.
  • Modern Design.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • Color options are few.
  • Airbags are not adjustable.
  • A bit expensive.


3. Panasonic EP Real-Pro – Luxury Ultra-Prestige Heated Massage Chair

This chair’s Control Feature has the Best Voice-command.

The Panasonic EP Real-Pro Luxury Ultra-Prestige MA-73T is closely related to the Panasonic EP MA-73KU Real Pro-Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury – Heated Massage Chair, described in the first position of our review list of Panasonic massage chairs.

The price is also similar and you will need to look attentively to be able to find the differences.

This chair weighs 218 pounds, whilst its upholstery is a fabric of synthetic leather. The product developers at Panasonic had chosen this fabric purposely, due to the fact that it its maintenance and cleaning are easier compared with genuine leather, whilst it adapts to consistent heat and motion.

This chair provides a superior massage which is closely emulating the human touch, whilst internal mechanisms deliver avant garde multifrontal technology. This massage chair, with its vertical & horizontal rollers, enhances your massage experience, whichever kind of massage is your preference.

The LED-trimmed, 7 colour remote control is easy to use, particularly when you opt for a massage program from its 6 preset programs. However, if your preference is to have a customized massage, you can use the targeted manual choices to counteract the pains, aches & stress you are experiencing.

This model Panasonic massage chair provides a realistic, multifrontal 3D-workout with the aid of an interior sensor which has the ability to identify problematic areas. The moment the areas are identified, heat & the massage rollers will start restoring circulation, alleviate tension, oxygenate blood, whilst lulling your senses into a euphoric realm.

However, should you had selected one of its more forceful massage strokes, for example the Shiatsu deep-tissue kneading, it will take more time reaching such a realm, whilst waiting will be worthwhile.

  • Mechanical massage rollers.
  • Five diverse massage sessions are present.
  • Voice command feature is present.
  • Recommended for people with rheumatoid arthritis.
  • 33 air cell system.
  • Minimalist design.
  • Color options are limited.
  • Extremely expensive.
  • Availability is limited.


4. Panasonic Swede-Atsu – Companion Massage Lounger

For the Panasonic Swede-Atsu – Companion Massage Lounger, you do not have to break the bank. The Panasonic Swede-Atsu comes at half the price of the Real-Pro and almost two thirds less in comparison with the two most expensive models within our review.

Forming part of the collection of Panasonic massage chairs, this chair has the approval of the American Chiropractic-Association. The focus of this chair is deep tissue alleviation as either, according to your choice, 2 or 4 rubber massage heads, which are installed in the Wave system of the Panasonic Swede-Atsu, will do the work.

Although it is an affordable chair, you won’t experience deprivation. The Swede-Atsu offers stressed & aching bodies, an assortment of options which include sophisticated massage modes.

These modes include 4 which are preset, whilst 8 are manual, which offer you a wide variety of choices to experience the customized treatment you prefer: upper body; full-body; lower body.

Choose the Swede-Atsu above the other massage chairs in Panasonic’s selection and you will find a great variety of choices at an affordable price which won’t ruin your budget and not adding more stress. Engineers created 80 massage combinations from which you can choose. However for a lot of people, its float mechanism will already seal the deal.

The massage area which is covered by the Swede-Atsu’s rolling mechanism is 135 square inches. Whatever your objective is, whether it is alleviating neck pain or aching legs, this chair has a setting which will do the trick. The chair, weighing just 155 pounds can be easily moved around.

  • 4 preset massage programs are available.
  • Provides a comfortable massage experience.
  • Minimalist shape and design.
  • It doesn’t acquire large space.
  • 80 massage combinations are available.
  • Best for adult people.
  • Not so advanced.
  • Requires proper assembling.
  • Rollers are not adjustable.


5. Panasonic EP-MA70CX

The next Panasonic massage chair on our list is one of its kind. With the availability of different features, this massage chair surely is an ideal choice for people who have got discomforting issues especially n the backbone area of their body. First things first, this chair has got a pretty solid construction. The use of premium quality materials makes it a suitable and worthy chair to be used for many years to come. The shape is modern. You can easily fit this chair in accordance with your room furniture. That being said, the high load of features and durable construction makes this chair an expensive deal for people with low money.

There are 6 different fully automatic body massage modes available within the chair. That being said, the best Panasonic chair comes with a refresh, shiatsu, hip, neck/shoulder, deep, and lower back massage modes. You can adjust these modes to enjoy a perfect massaging experience.

On the other hand, 6 manual programs are also available including ultra kneading, Swedish, rolling and tapping. In case you are feeling pain or discomfort in a specific area, you can simply use these modes to comfort yourself.

The complete body scan feature is available within the chair. The best massage chair 2019 comes with smart scan technology which automatically finds out the areas of your body that needs comfort and relaxing.

Finally, a 3D massage mechanism along with proper air massage technology makes this chair a suitable choice for people with leg and calf discomforting issues. In addition, the 100% pre-assembly feature of the chair is the reason why many people are interested in it.

Some of the positives and negatives related to Panasonic EP-MA70CX are as follows:

  • 6 automatic body massage features.
  • Comes with a modern and minimalist design.
  • Doesn’t cover a large area.
  • 6 manual modes are also available.
  • The smart body scan is available.
  • 3D massage with air massage technology.
  • Extremely expensive.
  • No other cons.

Final Views:

Panasonic EP-MA70CX is an ideal choice for people who want to get an extraordinary massaging experience. The best massage chair by Panasonic has got an expensive price range though. You better watch your pocket before you start thinking about this chair.


6. Panasonic MAJ7

MAJ7 is the last chair on our list regarding the best Panasonic chairs of 2019. The best massage chair comes with many amazing features that will allow you to have a comfortable and peaceful massage experience for a long period of time. That being said, this massage chair also has got a durable and sturdy construction. You will be able to use it for many years to come. It has got many powerful properties such as manual and automatic massage modes. However, the price tag it has got is very expensive. So, either you are not completely serious about getting a massage chair, you should never think about MAJ7 by Panasonic.

First of all, the best massage chair by Panasonic comes with 37 air cells and whisper-quiet motors in order to provide you the best massaging experience. Proper comfort will be provided to each and every part of your body so that you can enjoy a relaxing environment while sitting on the chair.

There is a 3D independent drive available within the chair. This drive, with the help of robotic engineering, enables the internal massage heads so as to provide a perfect deal of massaging motions. This chair provides a natural human-like massaging experience respectively.

In addition, there are 6 different pre-set massage programs available within the chair. You can activate any mod according to the discomfort level you have got in different body areas easily.

Lastly, I would want to discuss the size and shape that this chair has got. The best Panasonic chair comes with a modern design. Not only that, but it also has got a perfect minimalist design that is able to coincide with your room’s furniture easily.

Some of the positives and negatives are as follows:

  • Most advanced massaging chair of 2019.
  • Comes with 37 air cells.
  • Provides a comfortable body massage.
  • Modern design and shape.
  • 6-preset massage programs are available.
  • 3D independent drive.
  • Extremely expensive.
  • No other cons.

Final Views:

MAJ7 by Panasonic, in short, is the most expensive massage chair of 2019. Better think about the budget you have got before you start considering this chair considering the features and price tag it has got.



Panasonic massage chairs are one of the most popular massagers available in the market. Such chairs make sure that you get a peaceful and comfortable massage chair for a long period of time. So, give them a try and I will especially recommend you to go for Panasonic EP MA-73KU as it’s the best massage chair of 2019.

Buyer’s Guide: Panasonic Massage Chair Selection

Below are some guidelines to help you to make an informed decision, although you probably already decided which brand to purchase.


  1. Always do online comparing regarding retail store pricing and include assembly & delivery costs to derive the correct sales price.
  2. Consider the Panasonic massage chair to be an investment. Take into account how much a visit at a massage studio cost and then multiply it with your number of visits. The Panasonic massage chair model you purchase may pay for itself in a shorter period than you thought.
  3. Purchased a chair taking into account your needs. When you are suffering from issues in your lower back, choose a model which prioritizes this area.
  4. Measure the area within your home, where the massage chair will be placed taking into consideration the accessibility to wall outlets, whilst not blocking traffic.
  5. When you need heat, don’t consider a Panasonic massage chair which doesn’t has this feature.
  6. Enquire whether the rollers of the massage chair are adjustable; otherwise you may not receive the alleviation you want. You should opt for the massage chair with the longest stroke; look at 29 inches to experience full coverage.
  7. It is important to check the chair’s motor power. How more forceful the motor, the more vigorous the massage will be. If you deem your first massage experience within a Panasonic model chair and feel it is not intense enough, it might not be the best option.
  8. Degrees of incline are recognized by the furniture industry, which bottoms out at 175-degrees, meaning almost flat. Take this scale into consideration when determining if a massage chair provides the incline you are looking for.
  9. Try to get the most comprehensive and longest warranty possible. Massage chairs usually become family favourites. Should something go wrong, your warranty can be a convenient life-saver.
  10. Bargains are available, especially on the older Panasonic massage chair models. We advise you to purchase the newer version of an old design. Getting the set-up and delivery free, can be a bonus.

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