Best Infinity Massage Chairs

There are a lot of words which describe the concept of infinity. All of these words come down to the perception of boundlessness or immeasurability. According to the Latin word ad infinitum from which it was derived it means something larger than all natural numbers or something that has no bound.

This may be the ultimate reason why the Infinity chair manufacturer had chosen this word for their corporate identity. Whether the Infinity Massage Chair will be able to transfer you to such a domain where space & time is oblivious is questionable, but owning your own Infinity massage chair will maybe do this trick for you!

The Massage Chair Market

PR Newswire reported that since 2016 a steady rise in the demand for luxurious massage chairs exist. According to projections this trend will be on the rise up to 2020 by consumer’s demand as well as due to active lifestyle populations, like in North America and on a high scale in the Pacific Rim.

The question is: what is behind this trend? The World Health Organization stated that stress by 2020, will become the 2nd factor causing disabilities. Thus, explaining why luxurious and technological advanced massage chairs are selling like cake.

The Medical Benefits when Owning a Sophisticated Infinity Massage Chair

  1. Increasing joint flexibility, whilst improving range of movement
  2. Alleviate migraines
  3. Speeds up recovery time & intervention of muscle strains
  4. For pregnant women when in labour, decreased pain & time
  5. Reducing muscle spasms & cramps
  6. Applying heat with massage leads to increased healing benefits
  7. Release of endorphin by triggering the stimulating pleasure centres
  8. Stimulating lymphatic system enhancing its ability to fight toxins
  9. Releasing oxygen, reducing post-surgery scarring & oedema

List of 7 Best Infinity Massage Chairs

Total Weight
Check Price
1. Infinity IT
8500X3 3d
367 pounds

2. Infinity IT
240 pounds

3. Infinity IT
Riage X3
265 pounds

4. Infinity IT
Evoke CB
265 pounds
Zero Gravity

5. Infinity IT 8500
348 pounds
Zero Gravity

6. Infinity Genesis 3D
350 pounds

7. Infinity Evolution
Premium 3D
435 pounds
3D massage

1. Infinity IT8500X3 EB-3D –  Massage Chair

You have a choice of brown, black or taupe to match with your interior décor. Owning the Infinity IT8500X3 EB-3D massage chair it won’t be necessary to visit a massage studio. With its price just below $5,500, this amazing massage chair has all the embellishments you can expect from the Infinity brand. With its natural S-shaped side rail it will hug your spine and let you escape to an utter state of tranquillity!

One of the Infinity Massage Chairs benchmarks is the control its user will have over its heating mechanism. You should increase the temperature gradually to allow your muscles to get the necessary relief without shocking the body. The foot massager that employs 8 airbags & six sole massagers pose to be a work of art! People, who work on their feet all day, will find great relief of aching and sore feet.

The IT8500X3 comes with 6 preset massage choices which can be controlled by a remote the size of a palm which is not unyielding or clumsy. With its Bluetooth connection you will be able to enjoy your favourite music, whilst getting a marvellous massage. This Infinity chair is amazingly quiet whilst you are using it, so you don’t need to be concerned about interfering with your music!

Infinity covers you if you have any concerns about this model’s sustainability. The IT8500X3 uses a little energy, due to the fact that it uses a constant and steady voltage. You can consider this Infinity Massage Chair not only benefiting your body, but also Mother Earth!

Maybe at the top of your list will be its feature of containing sensors in the upper body which can gauge your level of discomfort and provide targeted alleviation accordingly; especially when you have a lot of tension in the shoulder area.

Benefits and Features

This model Infinity Massage Chair has updated preset features which include: rest & sleep, working relief & sports refresh. The remote control was also updated to provide full palm control, whilst it proves a display panel which is easy to read.

The distinctive arrangement of its 8 airbags gives this massage chair the ability to provide a much better spinal stretch than any other chair.

You will receive a real authentic Shiatsu massage experience as this Infinity model’s swivel seat will be moving your hips gently from side-to-side.

The IT8500X3 is created to render assistance in correcting painful spine disorders which can be interference when living an active life.

  • Individual airbags are adjustable.
  • Innovative and improved technology.
  • Bluetooth speakers for listening to music.
  • Perfect for patients in back pain.
  • Foot and neck massage systems are perfect.
  • Uses a low amount of energy.
  • L-Track system is absent.
  • Extremely expensive.
  • Rollers must be padded.


2. Infinity IT Escape CB Massage Chair

The Infinity IT Escape CB Massage chair comes with a price tag lower than $3,000, which will surely put a smile on a potential client’s face, when compared to Infinity’s luxurious chairs which may be unaffordable for you.

With its price tag it has a lot of features which can provide massages which eliminate tension, pain & stress. Alike its more expensive counterparts, this chair also offers the longest massage stroke within the industry, stroking your muscles, promotes circulation, whilst it will equalize your body rhythms, which directly result from its zero gravity design, which almost instantly eliminates your pain.

Gentle heating can be applied when preparing for your massage, by using its remote control which provides instructions in the following languages: Spanish, English, Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese.

The IT Escape CB model is designed to have an influencing impact on a wide range of physiological concerns, which include providing a heart rate which is steady.

The lumbar region receives special attention due to the chair’s S-shape curve structure which is reaching down from the neck area to the glut area. You also get some massage options which are found in the more expensive Infinity chairs, which include: knocking, tapping, kneading, Shiatsu & rolling or a combination.

Benefits & Features

  • Massage timer can be adjusted to 10; 20; or 30 minutes.
  • Its distinctive side rails contains massage rollers, alongside the S-curve
  • Provides the 6 massage options by using the new, sleek remote control
  • It has the new side to side Shiatsu swivel feature.
  • With its zero gravity feature this chair alleviates pain within minutes, without massaging.
  • Different color range available.
  • 47 Inch Roller track is available.
  • Takes less space and area to cover.
  • 38 dedicated airbags for best comfortable experience.
  • Heating modules for relaxing massage.
  • Foot massager is present.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Not easy to assemble.
  • Neck roller doesn’t work sometimes.


3. Infinity IT-Riage X3  – 3D Massage Chair

Clients describe the Riage X3 as both sumptuous & calming. This model massage chair is stacked with technological advanced features which convert a standard massage chair to become a relaxation hub! Inside this chair’s soft leather which will be cradling your skin, is a nerve centre which functions to provide pampering to your body.

This chair, with its S-track feature of 49-inches is able to do what only handful of massage chairs can do: Conforming to the spine’s natural curve, the body’s skeletal & muscle systems will derive benefits from its stimulation. Your mind will slip into a joyful state, getting rid of the day’s tension.

A network of rollers which are patented, address the body’s individual areas which has the highest need to be alleviated, which are identified by the sensor system of the chair.

Foot fatigue can also be soothed due to the fact that the foot rollers were designed by professionals within the field of reflexology.

Suffering from habitual pain within your lumbar area, the Riage rollers’ pressurized massage strokes can immediately have an impact on your discomfort & pain. You may accomplish spinal rejuvenation at a level that you thought impossible, should you use this massage chair on a daily basis.

You can use the chair’s Bluetooth feature, which is in coherence with your mobile phone, providing music on your favourite play list via the built-in speakers assisting you to accomplish complete relaxation.

Benefits & Features 

  • The Riage X3 model massage chair’s menu includes: knocking, kneading, tapping, rubbing, Shiatsu or a combined massage.
  • Reclining into zero-gravity positioning lowers blood pressure, slows heart rate, whilst it relaxes your muscles.
  • Reflexology treatments are provided through its 3 sole massagers and 8 airbags.
  • A L-Track system with its unique vertical to horizontal feature provides alleviation to both the upper- & lower body.
  • This Infinity massage chair won’t shock your body, because it heats up gradually.
  • Six Preset massage programs.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is present.
  • 2 zero gravity levels for a perfect massage.
  • Massage tracking feature.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • 60 days return policy is also available.
  • Weighty, so moving process is affected.
  • Fewer models are available.
  • Extremely expensive.


4. Infinity IT Evoke CB

Synonyms for evoke is induced or aroused, which describe what you will experience with the Infinity IT Evoke CB massage chair, with a price tag of $2,700. This model is the constant best seller whilst it has been upgraded with various innovations.

The Evoke has a brand-new full-body silhouette. This chair provides a deep massage because of its 38 airbags which are redefining the perception of a full-body compression massage. Why compression?

This is due to the fact that additionally to slipping into a peaceful mental state, the blood circulation of the body heightens as the numbers of the blood pressure are decreasing. Despite the massage style you opt for, the same benefits will be reaped.

This chair has the zero-gravity feature with which you will have all the benefits you want when you are troubled with muscle, joint & skeletal problems.

By tipping back you will feel the alleviation within minutes, due to this chair’s internal roller system which nurtures your spine as well as its deep kneading advantages.

You will experience a massage alike that delivered in a studio by professional masseuses, massaging the regions of your body which require therapeutic attention. The Infinity Evoke CB massage chair is considered the real deal and you should not get frightened by the price!

Benefits & Features

  • The chair’s heating system provides gradual alleviation because it treats aches & pains without or with a massage.
  • The Infinity Evoke’s system for foot massage consists of 6 sole massagers & 8 airbags
  • The chair’s upholstery is created for heat massage as well as carefree maintenance.
  • It will pamper your vertebral discs by assisting your spine to align appropriately for the alleviation of pressure.
  • The individual massage centres are focusing on the following areas: arm, lumbar, shoulder feet and / or legs.
  • Sensor for modifying the pain areas.
  • Best massage chair for adults.
  • 38 airbags are available.
  • Zero gravity feature is available.
  • Deep kneading with 3-layered massage airbags.
  • Heating function is available.
  • Not compatible with Bluetooth.
  • Not for tall persons.
  • Expensive.


5. Infinity IT 8500 – Massage Chair

The Infinity IT 8500 massage chair has been the Infinity brand’s standard bearer for a lot of yes. This model may not have all the embellishments of the newer IT 8500X3. However, it still provides spine-compressing massages which can re-adjust the nerve centre which spans the back.

You can customize and program the 8500 massage chair for focused treatments, whilst listening to music through the chair’s built-in speakers.

This chair is equipped with targeted foot roller ability, lumbar heat mechanism & a body scan sensor-system.

This model Infinity chair renders assistance to their users to unwind when they are leaning back, whilst enjoying the advantages of preset programs.

Within minutes, the zero-gravity positioning doubles down the time it will take you to get your whole body at rest.

With a price tag just higher than R4,000  this massage chair is available in chocolate brown and weighing 348 pounds, it is bulky enough should you decide to invest in it for deriving benefits to both your physical & mental health.

Benefits & Features

  • With its 22 inch shoulder-width area, it can accommodates the larger upper bodies with ease
  • Doctors recommend this chair for their patients who require relaxation & rehabilitation in their homes.
  • Function & design defects have been eradicated over time
  • Internet videos give great assistance if you are assembling this chair yourself
  • This chair has wheels at its back if it has to be moved
  • The preset scanning feature is available.
  • Extended stretching system is present.
  • Allows your body to get adjusted perfectly.
  • Customer support is reliable.
  • Escape feature is perfect for a sound sleep.
  • Shoulder airbags are not in the right position.
  • Optical scanning feature is not available.
  • Expensive.


6. Infinity Genesis 3D

Infinite Genesis 3D is the next best massage chair on our list and it has got a load of features to offer as well. The best thing about this massaging chair is its design which is modernized and is able to adjust in your room at the same time. The first impressions are absolutely smooth. That being said, the best infinity massage chair allows you to enjoy a perfect and comfortable massaging experience. No matter in which body part are you feeling the pain, the brand new Genesis 3D is there for you to comfort each and every area of your body. Well, with a load of features, you will expect that the price tag of this massage chair would be extremely high. This statement is in fact, very true and you should not think about the chair if you are low on budget.

First things first, the overall length of the chair is 49″. The shape of the chair is based on L-Track technology which makes sure that you can easily sit on it ergonomically. Keeping the right body posture, the chair can provide you an ideal massaging experience within a matter of time.

On the other hand, the zero gravity feature is also up to the mark. You will be able to feel virtually weightless as the chair elevates your feet to such an extent that it becomes balanced with your body. In this way, the comfort is provided to your vertebrae in the best possible manner.

The very next feature that I am going to discuss in this massage chair is its shape and design. As I have mentioned above, the best infinity massage chair of 2019 comes with a minimalist body so as to make sure that it will not consume a lot of space.

Finally, Bluetooth technology has been made available within the best massaging chair so as to make sure that you can connect multimedia devices with it. Music can be listened in this way from the chair as well.

Some of the pros and cons related to the Genesis 3D chair are as follows:

  • Zero gravity massage chair.
  • Comes with L-track shape.
  • Minimalist design with a modern shape.
  • Bluetooth technology is available.
  • 3D massage system for a better comforting experience.
  • Perfect for adults and tired people.
  • Extremely expensive.
  • No other cons.

Final Views:

Infinity Genesis 3D is one of the massage chairs available in the market with a sleek shape, a perfect design, and an ability to provide you a relaxing and comfortable experience at the same time. Better get it before the chair runs out of stock.


7. Infinity Evolution Premium 3D

Infinity Evolution Prime 3D is finally the last massage chair on our list. This massage chair being introduced by Infinity makes sure that you enjoy a perfect deal of comforting and relaxing experience for a long period of time. That being said, you will be able to relax your tired body within a short span of time as well. In fact, you will get lost in the sensational comfort and touch that this massage chair comes with. All things being said, the best infinity massage chair has got a sleek and slim design with a room-saving body as well.

Infinity has emphasized a lot on the kind of chairs that it produces and it can be seen in all the models that this brand has released. On the other hand, with a load of different features and properties, Infinity Evolution Premium 3D is marked at a huge price range making it one of the most expensive massage chairs available in the market.

First of all, the best massage chair comes with voice control function. You might be able to use the voice commands for changing the current message mode easily. Not only that, but you can also start or stop the massage chair with the voice control feature.

There are two memory functions available within the chair. Moreover, the benefits of these memory functions are that they remember the last time you chose a massage program for your body.

There are calf rollers available within the chair. They make oscillation in an ideal manner so that your calves remain relaxed and pumped up for a long period of time.

Finally, the best infinity massage chair comes with a 3D massage system technology to ensure a comfortable massaging experience for a long period of time.

Some of the positives and negatives related to Infinity Evolution Premium 3D are as follows:

  • A voice control command is available.
  • Comes with 2 different memory functions.
  • Calf rollers are available with proper oscillations.
  • Air Ionizer is also present.
  • 3D Massage technology.
  • Modern design with a minimalist shape.
  • Extremely expensive.
  • No other cons.

Final Views:

Infinity Evolution  Premium 3D is indeed one of the most expensive massage chairs available in the market. However, once you have got your hands on this chair, you will be worry-free for the rest of your life. So, get it before it runs out of stock.



Infinity is one of its kind and has got a prominent name in the market when it comes to producing the best massage chairs in the market. The chairs produced by Infinity are extremely durable and they can provide you the due value for a long period of time as well. In case you want to get an Infinity chair, I will recommend you to go for:

  1. Infinity IT8500X3 EB-3D as its the overall best massage chair of 2019.
  2. Infinity IT-Riage X3 if you have no budget issues.
  3. Infinity Genesis 3D as its an ideal choice for people with discomforting issues.

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