Best Human Touch Massage Chair

In the technological age various deluxe conveniences become available in our lives. This includes a wide variety ranging from fuel cell vehicles to sense and avoid drones, due to our accessibility to excellent designed & advanced technology. Where relaxation & comfort are concerned, examples include Human Touch Massage Chairs of today’s technological advancements.

By studying our buying guide you will get a good idea about the top 10 human touch massage chairs available for 2018 to 2019. It’s a reality that personal massage chairs can be seen as self-indulgent whether you want these chairs for your home or your business. Whatever the case, it is important to focus on the massage chairs’ features, look and overall design. Each type of chair has an elegance of its own which varies from quite ordinary to modern and sleek.

Purchasing massage chairs can be seen as an investment, whilst our buying guide offers choices for people working on a budget and those browsing for top quality chairs. A client aspiring to purchase a massage chair may expect that such a chair can come at a price of some thousands of dollars. However, such a chair is available at less than $1,000 for the real thrifty customer.

Since 1979, Human Touch is a company which concentrated on wellness and has a wide variety of massage chairs to choose from and in different price ranges, suitable for everyone!

List of 10 Best Human Touch massage chair 2019

Massage Programs
Total Weight
Check Price
1. Human Touch
Novo XT
8 programs
273 pounds

2. Human Touch
Whole body 7.1
5 programs
114 pounds

3. Human Touch
Zero G5.0
5 programs
194 pounds

4. Human Touch
Whole Body 5.1
3 programs
107 pounds

5. Human Touch
AcuTouch 9500 X
7 programs
250 pounds

6. Human Touch
Zero G4.0
5 programs
170 pounds

7. I Joy
Active 2.0
3 programs
45 pounds

8. Human Touch
6 programs
60 pounds

9. Human Touch
Novo XT2
35 programs
294 pounds

10. Human Touch
HT 5020
3 programs
130 pounds

The table below describes the top 10 Human Touch Massage chairs available in 2018. Compiling this list we took into account what clients may desire regarding the features of such a luxury chair. You will observe that the chairs within the list fit a variety of budgets!

Whilst studying the list you should take into account which you see as must haves as well as how much you want to spend. All the massage chairs of Human Touch include their 3D FlexGlide Massage patented technology and a variety of auto massage programmes & techniques. It is logical that the more expensive models will offer more features too.

If you don’t have specific issues about the chair’s style, you can choose a chair which includes your must haves, but don’t need to be uniquely elegant. There is no need to become confused about what you want just to keep up with your friends or colleagues.

Then there are the conflicting comments from other consumers having their own expectations about the different chairs which can cause doubt whether investing in a massage chair is a good idea.

However, according to us it is a good decision. With our buying guide you don’t need to struggle through reviews or do research. Hopefully this buying guide will give you a good idea of which massage chair will be the perfect one for your personal needs.

1. Human Touch-Novo X – Our Sophisticated Pick

This chair, which is also the editor’s choice, is a real futuristic chair and offers excellent advanced technology. This amazing chair offers the best value for customers who don’t consider the high price tag. The Novo XT Zero Gravity Massage Chair can be seen as a remarkable example of how comfort & design place it in its own class!

The zero gravity feature presented in a massage chair refers to a chair which enables you to lie down in a position of zero gravity. This allows your body weight to evenly be spread out across the surface of the chair. NASA invented this advanced technology for their astronauts and its function is to relieve gravity’s pressure on the back.

People, as tall as 6 feet 9 inches can use the Novo XT Zero Gravity massage chair. The stunning design buffer your body, whilst it enables its L-track massage technique covering 60 percent more of your back-area compared to a more standard massage chair.

Its bend & stretch option which intends to enable the stretching out of the spine, is another feature which puts it apart. This elegant massage chair has 5 various intensity levels for massaging, whilst it offers aimed air-acupressure.

The Human Touch-Novo XT Zero Gravity massage chair comprises of 35 pre-programmed options for massaging. Furthermore, it offers expandable calf & foot massage with numerous speed- & intensity levels.

This chair uses airbags & rollers for massaging, with a maximum weight capacity of approximately 300 pounds. It is design to save space and just 2-inches of wall-clearance is needed to recline. This luxurious Human Touch massage chair comes in different colours to blend in with your interior design.

  • Users reported better sleep & reduced body pain after using
  • Space saving design
  • Lumbar heat option
  • Can be adjusted for consumers up to 6 feet 9 inches tall
  • Five various intensity levels
  • Comprises of 35-programmed massage options for treatment
  • Massage options from head – toe
  • Warranty: 5-year in home for frame; 1-year service; 3-years parts
  • USB Port, Bluetooth speakers & LCD remote control
  • SofHyde chair upholstery – specially formulated
  • Expensive price tag
  • Intensity settings only affect manual ones; not programmed ones
  • Large footprint: 31 inches wide x 63 inches long x 43 inches height


2. Human Touch Whole-body-7.1 Massage Chair – Design-Journal Award Winner

The Whole-body 7.1 massage chair poses to be a good example of what is available from a standard massage chair with a moderate price tag. Its remote control has the Body-Map Pro, allowing you to push which part of your body you want to aim at to start your massage.

The Whole-body 7.1 massage chair can be adjusted from being semi reclined to its full extension. You can use the ottoman to massage your calves, whilst it can also be overturned to be used as a footrest &   massage speed and power is adjustable.

The automatic massage programs enable you in selecting if you want to massage for stress- or pain relief or relaxation or physical therapy. It has 3 adjustable intensity levels, whilst no assembly is needed.

It has a swivel-action of approximately 55 degrees and although the massaging chair should not be used just as a recliner, consumers stated that it is slightly uncomfortably when not using it for massaging. The Whole-body 7.1 applies 3D Massage which enables the massage chair to reproduce the feeling when a masseuse is massaging aching muscles.

Its technology of FlexGlide Orbital Massage permits a smooth massage, with no skin pinching. Five programmed massage choices are available which can be coupled with CirQlation Figure 8 leg-massage & Patented Warm Air-Technology for improving blood circulation.

  • Has 5 Automatic Massage programs
  • Body-Map Pro remote control allowing easy selection of sore areas
  • Padding is removable to assist with adjusting the massage power
  • Looks like an ordinary recliner
  • It has 3 intensity levels
  • Can be adjusted for consumers up to 6 feet 2 inches tall
  • Has a lumbar heating option
  • Warranty: 1 yr in-house service; 2 yrs parts; 3 yrs frame
  • The foot rest cannot be extended for taller consumers
  • Taller users stated that the chair is not large enough
  • Some consumers stated that massage intensity is too powerful


3. Human Touch-Zero G5.0 Zero Gravity Massage Chair – Fan Favourite

The Zero G5.0 massage chair has a lot of the Whole-body 7.1’s technology, whilst it has zero gravity as an added feature. Human Touch observes the Zero G5.0 massage chair as a fan favourite due to its reasonable price, but with all the basic luxuries offered in its price range. The Zero 5.0 massage chair can recline to multiple positions until in zero gravity position. The foot rest can be extended to provide additional comfort for the taller consumers.

The massage can be customized, whilst the intensity is adjustable by changing the reclining position. It is more intense when it’s further back, by the removal of removable padding or the adjusting of the remote’s intensity settings.

For selecting target areas rapidly, the Body-Map Pro & remote have a start massage button. The remote of the Body-Map Pro is an illustration of how the advanced technology of Human Touch allows a user to fixate on the pain, touching exactly where it aches.

The Zero G5.0 chair offers a foot & calf rest as well as massage with your option of rollers or vibration. Additionally, the ottoman can become just a foot rest, by flipping it over. A variety of four massage techniques are offered by the manual settings.

  • The Body-Map Pro remote is easy to use
  • Zero gravity position
  • Smart 3D-massage mimicking a smooth massage
  • Heated lumbar option via  Patented Warm-Air Technology
  • Four pre-programmed choices & four manual massage methods
  • Calf & foot massager is adjustable for taller consumers
  • Can be adjusted for consumers as tall as 6 feet 2 inches
  • A button which can be pressed and hold in one step to zero gravity
  • Warrant: 1 yr in-house service; 3 yrs for frame; 2 yrs for parts
  • Has 3 intensity levels
  • Some clients stated overheating after one year of massaging
  • Clients might count on more programmable options / extended warranty with its price tag
  • Available only in two colours


4. Human Touch Whole-Body 5.1 – Swivel Base Full-Body Relax & Massage Chair

The Human Touch Whole-Body 5.1 Swivel base massage chair is considered the best value buy. This model massage chair has a lot of the basic technology of the Whole-Body 7.1.

The Whole-Body 5.1 with its more cost-effective price tag makes it a great choice for budget-conscious consumers, particularly when you can purchase it on a sale for less than $1,000. This model massage chair still provides advanced massage capability, which includes programmed options. However, there is no heat option to justify its lower price.

The base of this massage chair swivels, whilst it can recline in different positions. Additionally, you can adjust the massage intensity up to 3 different levels. Consumers are satisfied with the functioning and massage options of the chair in comparison with the price of the chair.

The basic technology of the Human Touch Whole-body series includes the 3D FlexGlide-massage. This patented accomplishment reproduces the feeling of a smooth hot oil massage not pinching your skin.

The foot & leg rest can be transformed into a massage which improves blood circulation. This chair is created from SofHyde fabric patented by Human Touch and is available in black.

  • The massage chair swivels
  • FlexGlide orbital massage has the feeling of hot oil massage
  • Can be adjusted for clients of 6’ 2” in leg & back areas.
  • 3 pre-programmed options & 3 manual massage techniques
  • Warranty: 1 yr in-house service; 3 yrs frame & 2 yrs parts
  • Retractable ottoman & uses CirQlation Tech like high-end chairs
  • Not an attractive home décor option
  • Just 3 pre-programmed options
  • Lacks heated lumbar massage
  • Just available in one colour
  • Taller users complain the chair is not large enough


5. Human Touch AcuTouch 9500 X  – Created From Genuine Leather

The AcuTouch 9500 x massage chair is taking us back to the more expensive range of Human Touch’s massage chairs. This chair is created from genuine leather, unlike other Human Touch’s massage chairs, made from SofHyde and has a luxurious design with quite some embellishments.

The AcuTouch 9500 x does not have the Novo XT Zero Gravity’s sleek and contemporary look, but is designed with a different elegance in mind. Its design gives it the appearance of a typical recliner which will look great in a living room. The ottoman which can be fully retracted into the massage chair, gives it the function of a typical recliner.

The AcuTouch 9500 x massage chair, furnished with a silhouetted neck pillow is created from genuine premium leather. The foam of this massage chair is designed for total comfort, whether you are using it as a massage chair or regular arm chair.

Its higher price tag is justified by perks like the inclusion of its Acupoint Detection System! Technology to scan the problem areas in your back is used by this system, by targeting specific pressure points and takes decisions itself!

Similar to Human Touch’s other chairs, the AcuTouch 9500 x show cases a rotating, rolling massage for the calves and feet within the protractible ottoman, which forms part of the CirQlation technology of Human Touch. Additionally this luxurious massage chair includes two lumbar heating systems!

  • Created from genuine leather with total comfort in mind
  • Show cases a full back body-scan, for mapping pressure points
  • Various reclining positions; contractible ottoman
  • Dual heated lumbar massage
  • Intensity options which can be adjusted
  • Massage options: 8 pre-programmed
  • For consumers as tall as 6’ 2” an adjustable foot rest
  • Warranty: 5 yr in-house – frame; 1 yr in-house service; 3 yrs – parts
  • Expensive price tag
  • Consumers experience problems with the massage chair


6. Human Touch-Zero G4.0 – Zero Gravity 3D Massage Technology

This Zero G4.0 chair is an example of Human Touch’s best midrange massage chairs. This massage chair presents 4 pre-programmed full body submersion massages & various massage techniques from which you can choose.

Alike various other massage chairs of Human Touch, the Body Map PRO is featured on the remote which permits you to target specific areas. You can initiate your massage in an easy step, just pushing the corresponding body area on the remote to hone in on particular problem areas.

The Zero G4.0 massage chair with zero gravity, allows you to opt for a reclining position which spreads out your weight evenly which take the pressure off the body allowing more overall relaxation as well as extra lung capacity. You will experience a more intense massage the further back you adjust the massage chair.

The 3D massage technology’s intensity can be adjusted on the Zero G4.0 massage chair by choosing up to 4 different levels or the removal of some padding for administering more direct contact.

If you want to improve circulation or maybe suffering from tired feet & legs, the CirQlation technology poses to be an excellent method for easing achy feet & legs. This massage chair’s width of the calf & foot massager can be adjusted. The Zero G4.0 is available in espresso or black.

  • The remote features Body Map PRO
  • Selection of 4 intensity levels
  • Four automatic submersion massage programs for the entire body
  • Smart 3D Massage technology for penetrating & intense massage
  • Foot & calf massager can be adjusted with CirQlation technology
  • Zero gravity rocking-option
  • Getting to zero gravity in single step; hold down remote’s button
  • Warranty: 5 yrs for frame; 1 yr in-house service; 3 yrs for parts
  • Just available in two colours
  • Lacking heated lumbar modules
  • Clients report its uncomfortable when not using massage feature
  • Unsuitable for clients taller than 6 feet


7. I-Joy Active-2.0 – Most Cost-effective massage chair

This i-Joy Active-2.0 massage chair is compact and sleek and designed to fit into smaller areas whether it is for a home or office. It can be classified among the smallest chairs and is the most cost-effective choice. It is created for consumers below 6 feet tall.

This massage chair is available in the colours bone or espresso and upholstered with Human Touch’s patented SofHyde material. The bone colour choice makes this massage chair outstanding due to the fact that usually massage chairs are available in the darker colours for example black or espresso.

Similar to other massage chairs from Human Touch, the i-Joy Active-2.0 also uses 3D FlexGlide Massage-technology designed to provide the smoothest and most efficient massage without chafing your skin. According to Human Touch it is mimicking a hot oil massage.

This chair has 3 automatic massage programs and can recline in a variety of positions. A nice attribute for this more cost-effective massage chair is an adjustable pillow which can be moved up or down to be more comfortable.

It features a massage intensity which can be adjusted up to 4-levels, providing consumers with a more intense massage if needed. Taking into account the low price tag of this chair it is quite a surprising option.

This massage chair can be folded up to be more compact which is easier to store.

  • Amazing value for below $1000
  • Space saving and compact design
  • 3D FlexGlide Massage-technology
  • For easy storage it can fold up
  • Intensity can be adjusted to 4-levels
  • Only weighs 45 pounds which make storage & portability easier
  • Available in bone & espresso colours
  • Lack foot & calf massage options
  • Lacking lumbar heating
  • Too small for consumers taller than 6-feet
  • Lacking embellishments of more expensive massage chairs
  • Warrant: frame – 2 yrs; 90 days in-house service; parts – 1 yr


8. Human Touch iJOY2.1

iJOY 2.1 is actually an updated version of iJOY 2.0 being released by Human Touch Massage Chair brand. The best massage chair has got many features to offer in yet an affordable price range. That being said, this massage chair has been specifically designed to get adjusted in your room or any other place in your home at the same time. There are two different colors available i.e. Brown and White. The two colors can be selected according to your own preferences. Well even with a load of features, the best cheap massage chair of 2019 has got an affordable price. With durable construction, it is possible that you can use this hair for many years to come easily.

First of all, the best massage chair for adults comes with a compact design. The chair is extremely sleek and stylish. You can easily adjust it in your room even if it has got limited space.

On the other hand, this massage chair also comes with Flex Glide Technology so that you can enjoy a soothing and comfortable massage experience. The flex glide technology is there to overtake a typical massage chair as it lets you glide in the chair for an ultimate dose of relaxation.

There are three different massage programs available within the massage chair. You can enjoy different massage programs to ensure that you get different doses of a comfortable experience. You can also set different programs manually to target a specific pain area of your body.

Zippered side pockets are available at each side of the chair. You can store your stuff such as wallets, mobiles, etc in these pockets to keep them protected for a long period of time as well.

Some of the positives and negatives related to iJOY 2.1 are as follows:

  • Designed for limited rooms.
  • Flex glide massage technology is present.
  • Three preset massage programs are available.
  • Zippered side pockets available.
  • Extremely affordable massage chair.
  • Easy reclining feature.
  • No zero gravity feature.
  • Issues in recline feature.

Final Views:

Human Touch iJOY 2.1 is an ideal choice for your body. The chair makes sure that you enjoy a peaceful and comfortable massage experience within an affordable price range. So, better get it before it runs out of stock.


9. Human Touch Novo XT2

The very next massage chair on our list from Human Touch brand is brand new Novo XT2. It’s basically an upgrade of XT version and is loaded with a lot of features at the same time. That being said, the best massage chair comes with durable construction. You will be able to use it for many years to come as well. On the other hand, it also provides a comfortable massage experience. Additionally, you can enjoy many benefits of owning that chair as it has got everything that will make you relaxed and comfortable for many years to come.

There are 35 different automatic massage programs available within the chair. This means you will be able to enjoy relaxing and comforting different parts of your body especially your arms and calves for a long period of time.

Zero gravity feature is also up to the mark. With the help of this feature, the chair aligns itself in such a way that you can experience a weightless body massage for a long period of time.

Human Touch Massage chairs are equipped with 3D Flex technology and this feature is also prominent in the brand new XT2. The massage chair with the help of the latest technology allows you to relax for a long time.

Finally, the shape and design that this chair has got ar

e extremely awesome.  Unibody L-track shape system has been integrated within the chair so that you can enjoy a peaceful environment once you sit on the chair.

Some of the pros and cons related to Human Touch XT2 are as follows:

  • 35 automatic massage programs.
  • Comes with a zero-gravity feature.
  • Allows you to enjoy a comfortable massage.
  • 3D flex massage technology.
  • L-Track body design.
  • The patented sound system is present.
  • Expensive massage chair.
  • Requires large space.

Final Views:

XT2 is, indeed, the latest addition to the list of best Human Touch massage chairs. It allows you to enjoy a premium quality massaging experience for a long period of time as well. So, check it out before the chair runs out of stock.


10. Human Touch HT-5020

Finally, the last best massage chair on our list has got a model name of HT-5020 and it’s also a brand new release from Human Touch Massage chairs manufacturer. This massage chair also has got an amazing design and shape and is loaded with many properties so as to make sure that you enjoy a perfect and calm massaging experience for a long period of time. That being said, the best massage chair also allows you to comfort your tired body after you’ve been working all day long without any break. The chair, although, has got an expensive price tag. However, the features it has got completely justifies its price tag as well.

There are three automatic massage programs available within the best human touch massage chair. You have the choice to select the program that suits your demands in the best possible way.

4 Professional massage techniques are also included in the chair. That being said, you can follow any massage technique in order to target a specific area of your body for an immersive massage.

This massage chair comes with Patented Figure-Eight technology. Each part of your body including your calves, arms, neck, backbone, feet, and shoulders will get the due massage with the help of this technology.

The last thing that I am going to discuss in this massage chair is its Two Stage Backrest. You can recline the massage chair in order to enjoy your favorite movies or TV Series on the big screen easily.

Some of the pros and cons are as follows:

  • Comes with 3 Auto Massage Programs.
  • 4 massage techniques to target a specific area.
  • Minimalist and sleek design.
  • Patented Figure-Eight massage technology.
  • Comfortable experience for a long time.
  • The backrest is available.
  • Expensive.
  • Requires a good amount of space.

Final Views:

Human Touch HT-5020 is, in fact, an ideal choice for people who are often facing pain in different parts of their body. The best massage chair has got many features that will give you a peaceful environment to enjoy yourself as well. So, better check it out before it runs out of stock.



Human Touch Massage Chair Brand is a prestigious manufacturer of massage chairs out there in the market. The chairs from this manufacturer will give you the due value along with a perfect massaging experience as well. Out of the top 10 massage chairs that we have listed, our top recommendations will be to go for:

  1. Human Touch iJOY2.1 if you are low on budget.
  2. Human Touch-Zero G4.0 as it’s a massage chair with 3D massage
  3. Human Touch-Novo XT as it’s the best massage chair of 2019.

Where do you buy best massage chairs today?

The demands on massage chairs are high. Accordingly, the manufacturing companies are required accordingly. And indeed, they always manage to surpass the rising expectations of quality-conscious consumers. In general, however, many consumers are asking themselves whether it makes more sense to buy massage chairs in well-stocked local retail stores or to search the world wide web.

The advantages that the local retail trade has to offer are quite obvious:

  1. a good advice
  2. Local proximity, which makes sense if a lack of massage chair occurs
  3. direct, personal contact
  4. Products can be viewed and reviewed directly in the shop

In fact, retailers can even cost a lot to keep up with the demands of their customers. So he has to regularly keep new products on the spot in stock, which is associated with a significant cost. Rental expenses, staff costs and so on must be borne. After all, the branch employees want to be paid and the premises to be financed. The catch is that just this financial expense is passed on directly and without any ado to the customer.

This means that a massage chair, which is bought in the local specialty store, is often considerably more expensive than an online store product. In fact, online providers are sometimes exposed to completely different conditions, so that the saved costs can also easily be passed on to the consumer. In so far, this is already a very significant aspect that speaks for the online purchase.

Anyone who believes that an online purchase would require a personal or individual consultation would be wrong. More and more providers are offering their site visitors the opportunity to contact specialist consultants either via a free hotline number or via an online chat.

On the way to the perfect massage chair, not only the questions of the perfect suppliers, the most suitable materials and especially the best and most effective massage functions, but also the question of where such a chair should be bought.

Basically, it is about the consideration of whether one prefers the way in the specialized trade on the spot or uses the possibilities on the Internet. A question that is quite appropriate, because it is ultimately a product whose price is not insignificant and at the same time also makes very high demands.

Local Purchase Vs Online Purchase:

Of course, the local shops nearby or, depending on the location, offer the usual advantages. This includes above all the personal contact person on site, who can help you not only with the selection of the coveted object, but also after a purchase is available, if it comes to questions, problems or deficiencies around the acquired massage chair.

In addition, the local dealer of course has the great advantage that the massage chair not only considered, but also can be tested to get a complete picture of the look and function can. Of course, the most important thing is the comfort of the seat, which you can test as well as the various massage functions that often inspire you in the store itself. Especially with colored armchairs but also the sight plays an important role, because colors in reality often look different than in pictures and the chair of course also the appearance of their own wishes.

In addition to these advantages, however, the price as a disadvantage is not left out. Retail traders incur costs such as rent, electricity and staff salaries, which of course have to be financed, usually through surcharges on the items offered. As a result, the prices for massage chairs in the specialized trade on site are usually much higher than for the items available on the Internet. Because in the online shops, the additional costs are much lower and the savings are passed on to the customers by the massage chairs are simply offered much cheaper. This is probably one of the biggest and most significant benefits, which is why the purchase of massage chairs on the Internet is becoming increasingly important and popular.

But that is also because the service on the Internet is getting more and more extensive. For a long time now, it has not been the case that you have to do without personal advice on the internet. For example, customer support can be called via free hotlines at any time, or the ever-frequent setting up of an online chat can be used for advice.

Many shops also invalidate the advantage of local retailers to be able to test the armchairs there by offering to try out the massage chairs at home for some time. Afterwards one can decide for it and keep the chair or let him pick it up again free of charge, if he does not meet the expectations.

In conclusion, considering the service and price, online retailing is the best way to buy a perfect massage chair and enjoy its benefits.

Online purchases from Amazon Store are trendy

Considering the fact that service, competence and a high product quality are important not only in the specialist shop on site, but also with online retailers, online efforts are always made to ensure maximum service and comfort when purchasing a massage chair. As a customer, you can conveniently test the piece of furniture that you are considering for several days or weeks at home. A free delivery and pickup (if not satisfied) is usually included.

If you consider that all these services and the most excellent advice to have for free and score the massage chairs by a comparatively low purchase price, then it is not surprising that the number of online customers increases almost continuously.

Worth knowing & advice on massage chairs

In addition to the features and benefits of a massage chair that are of great importance to your purchase, there are many other interesting pieces of information listed in the following chapters. Immerse yourself in the world of massage chairs and let yourself be inspired by knowing everything about this article even more, even if this information is not crucial for the decision for or against a massage chair.

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