Automatic EC-06C Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair Review

Our review of the EC-06C full body Shiatsu massage chair may be helpful assisting you in making an informed decision whether you want to invest in this reclining massage chair, which comes in brown with a stretched footrest.

Best Massage updated the design of their EC-06C Shiatsu chair which included the
design, the features as well as its functions.

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The Shiatsu EC-06C Full Body Massage chair Features

  • Extra-long massaging range:

The chair is equipped to deliver a long-range massage, reaching up to the neck
area, whilst it can reach low down to the tailbone area of the chair.

  • Air massage technology:

The EC-06C comes with 30 air bags, of which 20 are located in the chair’s lower
body region, delivering compression massages to the thighs, hips, legs & feet.
These massages result in an improvement of blood circulation in the body’s lower

Additionally, the massage chair’s air massage technology features several intensity
levels which can be adjusted, ranging from powerful to weaker massages which
can be changed easily via a control panel.

  • Fully automatic recline chair:

The reclining and raising actions of the leg & footrest area as well as the backrest
are executed automatically. The backrest has the capability to recline to a
maximum of 170 degrees, whilst the footrest area is able to rise to 80 degrees.

Massage Techniques:

This patented back massage chair is offering gentle pressure along the spine on the
acupuncture points. The massage techniques which are linked to the Shiatsu
principles include:


Pressing and rotating with a thumb which results in an enjoyable kneading
massage which will be working out knots, whilst muscle pain is reduced.


During this technique, the chair will keep tapping the whole surface of your back.


A knocking massage is applied by mimicking a palm which rapidly knocks your


Up and down movements, which simulate the fixation point of a rotating pressing
finger, to deliver a direct and efficient massage effect.

Smart Roller System:

This Shiatsu massage chair from Best Massage contains an intelligent roller system
which adapts to the person’s spine & back curvature, providing a customized
the massage when sitting down in the chair.

Seemingly, massaging strokes are used by the rollers, resembling the feeling of a
human touch.

Powerful massage rollers are delivering Shiatsu results, like decreasing fatigue and
reducing muscle stress, whilst refreshing the body and mind.

Percussion & Compression:

Mobility, the legs’ posture, and flexibility are enhanced.

Preset Massage Programs:

The EC-06C massage machine has 4 preset automatic massage programs which
include: Extend Program, Recovery Program, Refresh Program & Relax Program
as well as manual modes.

It delivers flexibility with over 30 airbags and built-in heat smart roller system.

Each of the above-mentioned programs delivers an equivalent message. For
example, your tight muscles will be relaxed by the Relax program.

With the touch of a button, these programs can easily be accessed.

 Adapts to Shape of the Back: Neck Massage Feature:

This Shiatsu massage chair adapts to the shape and contour of your back. Via a
neck massage feature which was added, the “tsubo points” located in the neck
region, are targeted by the massage heads for alleviating stress.

Heat Therapy:

Best Massage’s EC-06C model contains a heating function which is situated within
the lower back, waist and feet areas which can be accessed by pressing a button.

The heat therapy associated with the Chinese tradition delivers deep and
penetrating heat therapy which enhances the body’s immunity, blood circulation,
whilst it is slowing down aging.

Vibration Massage:

A powerful vibrating motor as well as air massage technology delivers a deep
massage to the hip, buttocks, calve and thigh areas.

Upper Arm Massage:

The airbags which are positioned inside the arm area of this Shiatsu massage chair
provides it with the capability to deliver an extensive compression massage.

Wrist & Hand Massage:

This Shiatsu massage machine contains a built-in system of airbags which
massages your hands and wrists, providing great alleviation to people who suffer
from the condition of carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Control Panel:

The EC-06C’s control panel is positioned on a stand extending from the massage
chair’s arm. The buttons needed for selecting the intensity levels or automatic
programs are located inside the control panel.

Product Details: Technical Specifications:

Brand                             –        Best Massage
       Weight of Chair    –        300 lbs
       Shipping Weight –        300 lbs (read important note below)
       Dimensions          –        42 inches (H) x 55 inches (L) 35 inches
Ranking Best
Sellers on Amazon         –        No 108,898 category: Health and
Ranking Best                 Household

No. 76 within Health and Household –
Professional Massage Equipment –
Salon and Spa Chairs
Customer Review:                   278 client reviews: Average: 4.3 stars

out of 5-stars.

1.        Airbags                          30
2.        Massage Techniques      4
 3.     Auto Massage Programs         4 preset
  4.    Voltage                          110V


Shipping & Assembly:

Deluxe Service: In-home delivery will be done within 3-7 business days to the
office or room of your choice, also including unpacking the chair and removing
debris. However, it is advisable to ensure that this service will be available to you
(see note below).
You will need to assemble the Shiatsu EC-06C. The massage machine will be
delivered with the armrests, backrest pad as well as the control panel, detached.

You will be able to assemble it with the assistance of the instruction manual.

Important Note:

A freight company will ship your massage chair. The driver of the shipping
company won’t enter your home or apartment. Thus, your massage chair will be
delivered outside your apartment or house.

In case your apartment is located in a high-rise building, your chair will be
delivered to your building.

To ship your chair to you, your telephone number at work will be required. Take
into account that freight shipment is rather expensive.

In case you are unavailable or refuse the shipment, it will be sent back to the
company who will be charged by the freight company for the shipping fee.

If this should happen, you will be refunded, but a shipping fee of $300 for both
ways will be deducted.

Warranty: BM-EC-06C:

This massage chair carries a limited warranty of 1 year, including specified parts &

Clients who send broken or damage items back to be repaired by the manufacturer,
will have to pay for the costs.

The manufacturers will pay the costs when a repaired or new product is returned to
the customer.

However, as terms sometimes change, we advise you to directly contact the seller
for the complete warranty information.


1. The chair is easy to assemble and don’t take up too much space.

2. Intelligent roller system scans & memorizes the curve of your spine, for a
customized therapy massage session.

3. The chair offers different positions, giving you a penetrating Shiatsu massage,
when heat can be applied to specific areas of the body.


1. The BM Shiatsu EC-06C‘s reclining feature cannot be compared to other
massage chairs which have the feature of zero gravity.

2. A limited warranty of 1 year which only cover parts and labour.

3.  Customers who experienced that the massage chair broke down within a 1year
period are disheartened and disappointed.

Top 7 Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Review – Picks of 2019

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

With Zero Gravity Massage Chairs you have the opportunity to bring the revitalizing power which massage therapy delivers right into your own home.

Massage chairs utilize mechanical elements for mimicking the massage techniques & strokes delivered by accomplished massage therapists.

However, due to modern technology a lot of massage chairs have even exceeded massage therapists’ skills because of unique features, like zero gravity!

What Does Zero Gravity Entails?

Zero gravity refers to a weightless position, which was inspired by NASA. Astronauts are sitting in chairs featuring zero gravity when they lift-off for space. The zero gravity effect puts them in a reclined, weightless position.

When lifting off into space intense & sudden surges in gravity are experienced by the astronauts. This zero gravity position is actually protecting their bodies against the stress which occurs during this kind of gravitational force. As soon as they are reclined in a position of zero gravity, the distress of the lift-off is safely & evenly distributed across their bodies.

Massage chairs are created to deliver a wide range of healthy advantages, including relaxation. A zero gravity position is aimed at decreasing stress in order to increase relaxation, which makes it a becoming attribute for any massage chair. Whilst sitting in a massage chair with zero gravity, your upper body reclines, while your feet rises from the floor.

Advantages of Best Zero Gravity Massage chair

  • Apparently zero gravity positioning provides a wide range of relaxation benefits, assisting you to diminish tiredness and stress.
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Stress of the heart, spine, joints & back is eliminated
  • Bolsters the relaxation of your back & neck
  • Reduce pain
  • Improving the lung function
  • Decreases swelling of the legs
  • Boosts advantages of massage
  • Relaxing the spine

Our Top 7 Selected Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Zero Gravity
Check Price
1. Osaki OS
4000 T
270 lbs

2. Kahuna SM 7300
236 lbs

3. Real Relax
Favor 03
217 lbs

4. Relaxon Chair
MK II-Plus
183 lbs

5. Human Touch
Zero G5.0
194 lbs

6. Osaki OS 4000
48.3 lbs

7. Divano Roma
Massage Chair
199 lbs

1. Osaki OS-4000-T – Executive Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

The design of the Osaki OS-4000-T was entirely re-engineered and updated to improve the massage experience of consumers. Currently it poses to be one of the massage chairs available in the industry which is seen as mechanically more durable.

Despite the fact that this massage chair went through various upgrades its zero gravity attribute was maintained. Zero gravity puts you in a level position which reclines your back, whilst it elevates the feet. The Osaki massage chair with its zero gravity’s feature will provide you with an enhancing massage experience.

Another type of massage provided by the Osaki massage chair is air massage. This type of massage is called the future Generation Technology of Air Massage that is using inflating & deflating airbags in order to create compression movements & gentle winding. This technology addresses the kinks in your arms, shoulders & hip regions. Whilst Osaki decreased the amount of airbags, the surface massage area was increased.

The intelligent massage robot, with its movable S-track focuses on delivering the right kind of back massage. Your spine’s curvature is memorized whilst the information is used to perform a decompressing massage focused on each of your spine’s discs. After the massage you will experience more relaxation of your back.

By pushing a button, the computerized body-scan technology will be initiated. After the scanning or your body, the massage chair will adjust to your distinctive form and provides the proper pressure. Both the width & height of the massage chair changes customizing your body. The focal point of the technology is on the neck, lumbar, shoulders as well as other problematic regions.

If you usually come from work with aching feet, the Osaki OS-4000-T delivers a soothing and relaxing foot massage for your tired and achy feet. One of the upgrades, a roller system will be targeting the feet’s acupressure points and will relieve tension by using a spinning action. In addition, the airbags functions with the foot-rollers improving and relieving discomfort.

The Osaki OS-4000-T has both automatic as well as manual programs. Its 5 automatic programs comprises of Anti-Stress, Stretching, Demo, Muscle Relief & Thai. Each of these programs targets particular regions of the body for relieving tension & stress. In addition, the manual programs give you the opportunity to choose between six kinds of massages, like Tapping, Kneading, Swedish, Tapping, Rolling, Clapping and Shiatsu.

The soothing sensation which is delivered by heat for achy areas is almost incomparable and for this reason the Osaki OS-4000-T massage chair with its Zero Gravity feature also includes heat therapy which targets the lower back area. The massage chair’s speed as well as intensity levels can be adjusted for all massages up to 5 indentations. You can have everything within your control, just using you fingertips via a wireless remote in case the control panel is out of your reach.

  • Zero gravity positioning
  • Enhanced design
  • Six massage procedures
  • Computer body-scan technology
  • 5 Levels of intensity and speed
  • Individuals taller than 6’ 1” may not fit comfortably into the chair

2. Kahuna SM-7300s – Executive Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

The Kahuna SM-7300 model massage chair with zero gravity is upgraded with avant-garde technology, lots of features & multiple functions and techniques.

This massage chair is designed for the support of different body types also including the larger & heavier ones. Three more inches were put into this chair’s design to the hip & shoulder areas which can accommodate users as tall as 6’ 5” whilst it can handle a user weighing 320 pounds with comfort.

The Kahuna SM-7300 is furnished with 9 assorted automatic massage programs, like Pain Relief, Relaxation, Stretching, Yoga, Athlete, Fast Recovery, Golfer, Office Person, Senior & Dynamic Sport Mode. Whilst in zero gravity position these massage options can be accessed.

Now you can experience a deep & relaxing back massage due to the enhanced SL-Track consisting of a 6-wheel roller system. This attribute now comprises of a longer SL-Track as well as two additional wheels. This feature traces your spinal curve right down from your neck region to the buttock area, after which the massage follows. The six rollers of this system mimic the feeling of human hands.

This massage chair with zero gravity also comes with air massage technology; distributing air cells all through the chair, delivering tension relieving, thorough compression massages aimed at certain regions of your body.

Regions of the massage chair which delivers air-cell massages are aimed at the hip & thigh-, arm- as well as calf & foot areas. Within the arm region, acupressure points are covering the fabric of air cells, deepening and maximizing your massage session, resulting in the improvement of the blood circulating to both your hands & arms.

This massage chair can conduct various massage techniques like kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knocking & tapping & knocking simultaneously.

  • Nine automatic programs
  • Zero gravity positions which saves space
  • Comes with SL-Track; 6-wheel roller system
  • Air-Massage technology; hip air-cell massage technology and
  • wrap around foot and calf massage
  • Some clients dissatisfied with remote – not having enough options
  • Some tall consumers 6’ and taller  found that chair don’t fit them
  • Neck support insufficient – some clients


3. Real Relax Favor-03 – Good Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

The RealRelax Favor-3 massage chair delivers a full-body massage and comes with a lot of relaxation features, zero gravity and 4-preset massage

programs. The zero gravity features comes with 3 stages: comfort zero gravity, initial zero gravity & deep zero gravity.

An exclusive feature of this massage chair is the armrest linkage system. Despite the raising or lowering of its backrest, the chair’s armrest keeps automatically pace, with the 8 massage points within the backrest.

Shoulders, legs, arms, hips & feet regions in this chair deliver compression relaxing massages. The 4 airbags work along in the shoulder area, loosening tight muscles.

8 Airbags which wrap around your arms, begins to massage getting rid of tension. The side and hip area comes with round airbags & vibrating massage to relax tight muscles. Two Shiatsu massage-points and 24 airbags within the leg area surround the calves providing a deep massage to relieve pain.

However, the RealRelax Favor-03 massage chair did not forget your feet. Within the foot area of the chair, heat, rollers & Shiatsu work together on your feet for the alleviation of exhaustion, whilst improving circulation.

A heat therapy feature is always a marvellous bonus when it forms a part of a massage chair.  Soft heat emits from the backrest’s lower part aimed at your lower back, which enhance your massage experience.

  • 4 Automatic massage programs
  • Zero gravity with 3 stages
  • Air massage technology
  • Armrest linkage system
  • Massage rollers for the back, neck & feet areas
  • Vibration massage
  • Some clients claimed that chair was not in working order
  • Clients taller than 6’feet could not get the chair’s full benefits
  • Some clients claimed that airbags in certain areas popped out


4. Relaxon-Chair MK V Full-Body Airbag Massage Chair

The Relaxon-Chair MK V massage chair has been both upgraded & redesigned to deliver a better full-body massage experience to consumers.

Its zero gravity positioning with three stages offers the best experience with each massage. This position removes stress on the heart & back, alleviating the discomfort caused by back pain, whilst it assist your heart not to work too hard.

With the activation of the Butt lock L-Tracking massage-system a set of rollers begin sliding down from top of the back region to the seat region, whilst delivering a full-body massage. Through the assistance of a computer body-scan, a sensor which is built-in, measures & scans your spine automatically to establish the area that has to be massaged.

Consumers can start quickly via the pre-programmed massage programs. Four automatic programs provide a relaxation program, stretch program, deep tissue program & rejuvenation program. In addition this massage chair comes with 3 massage techniques, like tapping, kneading & combo. To adjust any massage you use a 3-speed control.

The Relaxon-Chair MK V provides deep tissue massages & full-body stretching by using air massage technology which imitates the feeling of human hands. Your body is held in place by air cells whilst the back- en legs muscles are stretched out.

A compression massage is delivered by multiple airbags located within the hip area of this zero-gravity massage chair aimed at the hips & waistline. The massage assists with aligning your pelvis & lower back.

The calf & foot and arm massager utilize airbag technology, providing a deep & stress relieving massage. Furthermore, a spinning roller pampers your feet applying a kneading massage.

  • Zero gravity positioning with 3 stages.
  • Four auto massage programs
  • Upgraded design
  • Computer body-scan
  • 5 Massage methods: tapping; kneading; rolling; Shiatsu; combo of tapping & kneading
  • Full body stretching
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Some users complain that the airbags are too noisy
  • Other users claimed some massage techniques need more intensity
  • Massage rollers did not move, whilst it is too hard – some users


5. HumanTouch Zero-G5.0 Premium Massage Chair

The Zero-G5.0 was designed by Human Touch. This company has over 35 year’s experience of designing massage chairs & wellness products. No premium feature was spared by Human Touch when they developed this chair. This massage chair, by using zero gravity positioning & Human Touch technology provides a full-body massage.

Read further about:  Best Human Touch Massage Chairs

Due to its 3D FlexGlide massaging engine, it provides professional massage methods which are usually delivered by a professional certified massage therapist, which assist in the rejuvenation of the body.

Numerous advantages are offered by zero gravity immersion such as restoring spinal health, improved circulation, alleviation of tight muscles, fatigue & tiredness and improved breathing.

The Zero-G5.0 comes with 4 auto massage programs created by Human Touch’s Wellness Council. In addition, this massage chair utilises 4 manual massage methods, like Ease, Stretch, Tone & Flex.

By pressing and holding a button you will get whisked off to a comfortable zero-gravity neutral posture position. Pushing another button, zero-gravity auto rocking can be enabled. In this mode, the massage chair will move you into a neutral posture position whilst gently rocking you synchronously with 4 automatic massage programs. This rocking motion will provide you with more soothing & relaxing massage sessions.

You can enjoy the dual lumbar heating-system which is located in the lower back section of this zero gravity massaging chair. By using warm air technology, it will warms the whole area from the shoulders to the lower back, whilst loosening your tight muscles & relieving pain.

Foot & calf massager encircling these targeted regions delivers a therapeutic massage by using vibration massage & Figure-Eight Technology, boosting your blood flow which will improve your circulation. The foot- & calf massager can be adjusted for accommodating various heights.

  • 3D FlexGlide massaging engine
  • Zero-gravity positioning and Auto rocking
  • 4 Automatic massage programs
  • Dual Lumbar heating-system
  • Figure-Eight technology
  • There is no con for this product


6. Osaki OS-4000

Osaki OS-4000 is the next best zero gravity massage chair on our list which actually makes sure that you enjoy a perfect weightless massaging experience for a long period of time. That being said, the best massage chair comes with durable construction as well. You might be able to enjoy every moment once you sit on this chair. The feelings are pretty smooth. No matter how much tired you are, Osaki OS-4000 is there to make sure that you throw away all your tiredness in a small matter of time. Well, with a load of features, the price tag that this chair comes with is justifiable considering the kind of shape and specs it has got.

Computer body scanning system is available within the chair. This means that your body will be completely scanned so that the chair can provide you an ideal massaging experience especially in the areas where you need it the most.

There are 8 unique automatic massage programs available within the best body massage chair. With the help of these programs, you can perfectly comfort yourself within a short period of time.

In addition, zero gravity feature has also been added within the chair that elevates your feet in order to get balanced with your body. You can thus experience a weightless body massage with comfortable vibes.

There are different body areas that this massage chair covers especially when you want a relaxing environment. Your foot, calves, hips, and shoulder, along with lumber areas are covered whenever you sit on the chair.

Some of the positives and negatives are as follows:

  • Full Computer body scan feature.
  • Comes with 8 different body massage programs.
  • Covers all body.
  • Zero gravity feature is present.
  • A bit expensive.
  • No backrest.

Final Views:

Osaki OS-4000 is one of the best zero gravity massage chairs available in 2019. The massage chair allows you to get relaxed from all day tiredness. So, better check it out before it runs out of stock.



DIVANO Massage chair is the last zero gravity chair present on our list. The thing that I liked the most in this massage chair is its price range. Even with the availability of so many properties in this chair, it still has got an affordable price range to make sure that people with low-budget can also enjoy the perks of having a zero gravity massage chair. This massage chair also has got a solid construction.

The use of premium quality materials in it make sure that you can use it for a long period of time without any worries. Different color options are also available to make sure that you can select a color which suits the furniture of your room.

There are air pressure massage bags located at different points of the chair. These massage bags provide a perfect compressing massage to your arms, hands, and feet. A visual control panel is also present to monitor the massaging operation easily.

On the other hand, the 6 different massaging modes are there to perform specific functions related to providing massage. You can select a mode based on the area of your body in which pain and discomfort are more.

Well, the construction and upper of the massage chair is extremely durable and sturdy. You will enjoy sitting on a chair with leather upholstery. The leather cover is not only smooth, but it also can provide you the due worth for a long time.

Finally, all the major parts are already assembled in this chair. You will just need to do some minor assembly operations and for that purpose, a user manual is already provided.

Some of the ups and downs are as follows:

  • Modern zero gravity massage chair.
  • Visual panel for monitoring the massage.
  • Comes with 6 massage modes.
  • Provides a comfortable environment.
  • Affordable price range.
  • No reclining feature is available.
  • Requires large space.

Final Views:

DIVANO ROMA FURNITURE Massage Chair is the best deal for you especially if you don’t have enough money to spend on a premium massage chair. better get this amazing chair before it runs out of stock.



Zero gravity massage chairs let you enjoy a comfortable experience out of your tired and hasty day routine. That being said, they also have got extra features to make sure that you can easily comfort yourself for a long time. I am, in fact, done with the discussion of almost all the chairs and now it is your time to decide which one is the best. However, my recommendation will be to go for;

  1. Divano Roma Furniture chair if you are low on budget.
  2. Human Touch Zero-G5.0 as it’s the best massage chair of 2019.
  3. Osaki OS-4000-T as its an ideal choice for people with issues related to their backbone.

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Check In Depth Review Before You Buy

We will give you more details in depth about zero gravity massage chair review below. If you want highest seating comfort after a long day’s hard word then this article is going to help you a lot. If you cannot spend daily money from your pocket then worry not. If you also don’t want your partner use hands then massage chair is the best option.

You should arrange some comfortable source to reduce the pain when you feel any kind of stress. On this page, I have given many options to check. You can check the armchairs reviews where it would be easy to understand the price comparison. When you see a high price product then the features will help you to make a buying decision. Some cheap massage chair reviews are also given here as per the feedback of our readers.

Massage chair test – to recover from everyday life – Comparison of the best massage chair 2019

A massage chair provides a respite from everyday life and saves you from having to go to the physiotherapist. Trust the leaderboard of our team of experts who use numerous tests on the Internet to create weight, measurement, performance, and more.

Updated Massage Chair Best List 2019

2. What is a massage chair?

The massage chair is basically just a normal cozy armchair, with which you can make yourself comfortable in the living room and is also quite an attractive TV chair to use. The big advantage and that is why it has its name, is the fact that this massage chair also has massage functions. Regardless of whether you are in a sitting or in a lying position, they have a similar positive and healing effect as would be the case if a professional masseur used his trained fingers in the appropriate places with vibrating or kneading movements.

In addition to the attractive appearance of such a massage chair on request so a very relaxing and relaxing feeling that makes this seat even more attractive and an increasingly popular highlight in every living room.

Various types of massage and also full body treatments make it really good and make this chair much more than just a cozy seat. Often it is also used medicinally because the massage functions and types are so effective today that they come close to the treatments of a masseur or a physiotherapist.

3.”How to bed, that’s how you lie …”

Of course, it is also in a normal (reclining) chair very comfortable. But why settle for less, if you can take a massage? While the classic

Massage chairs are usually only able to massage the back of the relaxation seeker, there are among the modern models already variants, which are considerably more elaborate. The daily relaxation phase is generally very important for humans. It is therefore important to note that when choosing a massage chair, you should leave nothing to chance.

In addition to massage chairs, we have also taken in our institute loungers or TV chairs, which are also equipped with a massage function. In any case, it is extremely interesting to know how imaginative and consumer-oriented the market is in this context. While some consumers prefer to just relax in their armchairs or relax loungers and let their souls go their own way, others would like nothing more than to be in one Massaging massage chair from scratch, caressing and kneading. Here, the health aspect and well-being are clearly in focus.

Certainly, modern and technically sophisticated massage chairs are increasingly found in the private sector, while a TV chair or a lounger is suitable for use in the living room or bedroom, as well as in the office or perhaps even in the conference room. The beauty is in any case: The creative (furnishing) possibilities in this regard are virtually unlimited.

3.1 It’s all about the look

Incidentally, the new massage or relaxation models usually impress with their innovative techniques, the user-friendly massage programs or their high stability, as our expert tests have repeatedly shown. But also in terms of design, discerning consumers experience the greatest importance to quality and innovation. So today you really have to make no compromises or make compromises when it comes to choosing a new massage or relaxation chair. Because both the appearance, as well as quality and functionality are also clearly in the focus from the perspective of the manufacturer.

Our institute carries out individual, very extensive product tests, whereby the evaluations by our experts are primarily intended as a basis for making the decision for a particular massage chair easier.

Everyone has different standards of comfort, massage quality, design and functionality when it comes to massage chairs. For this reason, it is even more important to be able to rely on sound analyzes that are consumer-oriented.

Complex formulas, foreign words and co. Are looked for in the expert reports on the individual product tests in vain.

Each test evaluation is characterized by absolute objectivity and a clear and concise conception. Even people who are less experienced in technical matters will be able to cope with our test analyzes very well and thus be able to use them as part of their search for a really suitable massage chair. Thus, one may justifiably claim that our massage chair tests are immensely helpful and therefore almost indispensable for the discerning consumer.

4.How does a massage chair work?

If you sit down on a massage chair and turn it on, you will soon have the feeling that a masseur is inside the device. The fact is that the massage procedures are designed in such a way that the back area, the shoulder and other parts of the body are caressed, massaged and kneaded “true to nature”. Of course, no masseur is inside the chair, but rather a sophisticated technology contributes to the fact that a relaxing, partial or large-scale vibration is noticeable.

The functionality of Chairs with special mechanical tools:

As pleasant as such a massage chair works, of course, always wondering how it works at all. Basically, the functionality of massage chairs can be described as special mechanical tools are installed, which lead by turning on the motor to massage-like movements and thus act on the corresponding body parts.

Air cushions are also increasingly integrated in the massage chairs, which can be inflated and emptied to achieve such massage movements. These integrated mechanisms are located in the backrest and in the seat and increasingly in the armrests, the headrest or in the legs.

More advanced technologies offer additional airflows to create special massage treatments that can be used more and more purposefully. More targeted applications are also made possible by further technical progress.

4.1 Shiatsu massage function has gone popular

Massage chairs or loungers that are equipped with a shiatsu massage function are currently very popular. Shiatsu is a Japanese well-being and relaxation method, which is increasingly used in local areas and is now enjoying great popularity.

The Shiatsu technique uses special finger pressure techniques, as well as with the help of hands and elbows, to create a massage that can be enjoyed even while dressed.

An important role in Shiatsu plays, among other things, the so-called TCM, the Traditional Chinese Medicine, where it is primarily the declared goal is to solve blockages and in the course of the life energy to flow again.

Fact is that congestion, blockages and so on, which can arise from a variety of circumstances, the life energy “inhibit” and thus significantly affect the well-being. With a targeted Shiatsu massage blockages can be solved by special knocking and stroking techniques or completely eliminated, so that the life energy can flow uninhibited again. Incidentally, the Shiatsu massage is not only there to address existing blockages, but you can also be treated preventively in this way.

More and more frequently, massage chairs are equipped with scanning functions that scan the body and, based on recognized data on size, shape and body weight to perform individual and appropriate massages. It is precisely these individually created massages that are tailored to the needs of a massage chair that make it a medically valuable product that has no equal.

  1. 2 The Effective healing power of massage

Basically Shiatsu may therefore be described as a preventive and at the same time soothing method from Asian medicine, which can lastingly provide more vitality and improved health. Very tempting and very promising prospects – in fact. Therefore, it is all the better to know that for a health-promoting Shiatsu massage you do not have to resort to the next massage practice – if you have it on the spot. But in terms of massage chairs, the industry has such sophisticated products with incredibly promising and helpful technologies that it’s a real pleasure to look around the market and see what the furniture industry has to offer.

5.Advantages and applications of massage chairs

The great advantage of such massage chairs is without question, the ability to place them as a normal chair anywhere at home and thus at any time if needed to use the massage functions for themselves.

There is no need to make an appointment with a masseur or physiotherapist, but you just have to sit down in one free minute, start the massage and enjoy the relaxation.

It certainly cannot be compared to the salutary effect of professional massages, but it still results in an attractive sense of well-being that you no longer want to do without and thanks to your own armchair you do not have to. Due to different armchairs, but also their different functions and massage types, you can choose exactly the relaxation that you feel individually best and most important.

It is important to get acquainted with the various uses of massage chairs, which show in optimal versions clearly how versatile this type of massage can be. At the same time, it is also advisable to pay close attention to what is important to you when buying something because of these differences.

Which parts of the body can be affected with armchair?

So it is important to compare which armchairs only affect one part or all of the following possible areas:

  1. move
  2. hip
  3. Shoulder
  4. head
  5. neck
  6. Legs general
  7. thigh
  8. lower leg
  9. calves
  10. poor

In addition to home use, such massage chairs are also often found in waiting areas such as airports or even large shopping malls. In some cases, they are also used medically, but in properly medically necessary applications still the more effective hand of the masseur or physiotherapist is used and the massage chairs should only achieve a positive side effect.

6.Our expert tests – the basis for a thoroughly good decision

When it comes to shiatsu massages, the creativity of the vendors, as our professional testers found out, is virtually unlimited. Certainly, the costs associated with a massage chair with Shiatsu massage function are sometimes relatively high. But the fact is that the financial expenses – depending on the provider – also allow the consumer with a slightly lower available budget to purchase such a piece of furniture.

In such a remote world, it is imperative for the discerning and cost-conscious consumer alike to look at our tests and analysis and to learn in a targeted manner about the opportunities that retailers today have to offer.

Our tests are based on a series of extensive practical and theoretical investigations, which were carried out both at our institute and in close cooperation with external testing agencies. Of course, only qualified and experienced experts are involved in our tests, and we have left nothing to chance with regard to the selection of the massage chairs to be tested.

After all, the declared aim is to provide the consumer with the information that is important in terms of goal-oriented decision-making in every respect.

6.1 The functioning of a massage chair

A massage chair is characterized in particular by the fact that when sitting or lying a massage effect is generated, as they can be carried out for example in the form of targeted kneading or vibration movements with the fingers and hands of an experienced masseur. In this case, special tools are integrated in the seats, in the backrest and usually also in the armrests, which move mechanically.

Furthermore, mostly individually designed air cushions are included, which can be inflated with air and emptied again. Depending on the massage chair, special technologies help to generate airflows, so that targeted massage treatments are possible.

  1. 2 Individual scan technologies

In the meantime, the well-stocked specialist stores even have reflexology chairs that are equipped with individual scan technologies. This means that certain parts of the body are scanned before the “application” to store information about body weight, size, and shape.

After such a goal-oriented analysis, it is even easier to carry out demand-specific massage programs, so that certain areas in which special kneading or stroking techniques are particularly needed, can additionally be “treated” individually.

Of course, it does not matter which type of massage chair is considered individually. Interestingly, most treatments can either be preset, manually controlled, or regulated by remote control.

Consumers who focus on the health aspects are, according to experience, very well advised to opt for modern massage chairs, which have several massage programs as well as various degrees of strength or intensity levels. On the other hand, if you prefer to rest at leisure or simply sit down or lie down comfortably, then you can opt for a TV chair or a relax lounger. At your discretion, the well-stocked retailers have ready models with both massage and non-massage functions. How beneficial it can be, however, to treat yourself to a massage every now and then, you notice, especially if you just tried it out.

  1. 3 Just try it at home

    Those who are not sure, even have the opportunity to “test them out” directly at the site or to let a chair be sent home comfortably for about one to four weeks and to be able to test the piece of furniture there. In so far, the services of most providers are quite exemplary. More and more providers offer corresponding possibilities so that it is made easier for interested consumers to find out more about the desired product.

7. Great Uses:

The great advantage of such gravity chairs is without question, the ability to place them as a normal chair anywhere at home and thus at any time if needed to use the massage functions for themselves. There is no need to make an appointment with a masseur or physiotherapist, but you just have to sit down in one free minute, start the massage and enjoy the relaxation.

It certainly can not be compared to the salutary effect of professional massages, but it still results in an attractive sense of well-being that you no longer want to do without and thanks to your own armchair you do not have to. Due to different armchairs, but also their different functions and massage types, you can choose exactly the relaxation that you feel individually best and most important.

It is important to get acquainted with the various uses , which show in optimal versions clearly how versatile this type of massage can be. At the same time, it is also advisable to pay close attention to what is important to you when buying something because of these differences.

A massage chair primarily offers the advantage that you can relax in it and relax. According to many consumers, such a ‘functional piece of furniture is like a’ sunbathing area ‘on which people seeking relaxation can rest and be pampered by soothing massages as needed.

The relaxation effect of sitting or lying down can help relieve stress, relieve tension and cramps, and even relieve pain. In fact, statistics show that a cramped posture or tensions favor blockages that may cause painful problems. If a massage chair is used as often as possible, it is quite possible to efficiently counteract one or the other “ailments”.

There are people who, for various reasons, are not allowed to take any massages, for example, due to a surgery that has been overcome due to a pregnancy, due to a skin disease et cetera. In so far, the use of a massage chair is in any case recommended.

The invigorating massage can help to improve the vein flow, reduce swelling, for example, in the legs.

Did you know that a massage can not only improve your well-being but even make you feel good? The fact is that during a massage if it is perceived as pleasant, endorphins are released, which can literally conjure “a smile on the face”.

Whether general massage or targeted “pampering”: Who is in possession of a massage chair, will wish never to have to give up this furniture again. Because the positive aspects involved speak for themselves.

As multi-faceted as the effect of massage chairs is, it is hardly surprising that these pieces of furniture can no longer be found alone in the home’s living room or in wellness salons. But even in shopping malls, they are ready to offer the customers on-site a pleasant break.

In the face of shopping stress, hustle and bustle in the search for a parking space or in the queues in front of the ticket booths, ready-to-use massage chairs that you can use for little money are indeed real highlights.

  1. Test criteria: How did we test the massage chairs?

When choosing a massage chair that meets your needs, do not leave anything to chance. Demanding consumers are in any case well advised, on the one hand, to examine the manufacturer’s information on the individual devices and, in addition, to check the corresponding customer evaluations – if available. Certainly, such an approach in the age of Internet Users.

But only a few consumers in this context is also aware that paper is known to be patient, so that “flowery” advertising promise by no means should always fully believe. In addition, it should be noted that even some customer reviews can be a fake. So there are many good reasons why you should always take our product reports to hand when deciding on a new massage chair. These are characterized by their extensive and very meaningful conception. Furthermore, maximum objectivity is always guaranteed. So we examine massage chairs among other things according to the following criteria:

First and foremost, comfort and convenience of the massage chair are important. In this regard, especially the material properties play a role.

Is the device certified with a medical certificate?

How is the degree of hardness ordered?

Is the chair individually adjustable?

Which functions are included?

Which types of massage are offered? (Classic, Roller Massage, Shiatsu …?)

Is only a manual control possible or can the regulation also be done by remote control?

Does the design meet high standards?

With what covers is the armchair equipped?

Basically, a massage chair is much more than “just” a piece of furniture that is designed to massage certain parts of the body. But you can certainly use the good piece as well as a reading chair, as a sleeping accommodation or as a “comfort zone” for a cozy TV evening. So your creativity is virtually unlimited in this respect.

In our test, we looked at the massage chairs from a variety of perspectives in order to highlight the optimal versions for you. On the one hand, the technical details are in the spotlight.

The chairs are compared in terms of their performance in watts. Of course, the dimensions are important for setting up and transporting as well as for the overall picture in the apartment, whereby it is important to distinguish between the lying and sitting positions, so that the massage chair occupies in both positions not more space than available.

Also the weight plays an important role for a comprehensive comparison. Since it is a relaxing piece of furniture, the volume that is developed by the motor for the massage functions is also crucial.

For a lasting pleasure of the massage chair, other details are of great importance for such a comparison, such as the material of the cover or even the processing and quality of the furniture. In addition, the ease of use and handling as well as the comfort of the armchair is important, so that you can enjoy the advantages and, above all, the massage experience quickly and easily at any time. Handling then includes the functions of a possibly adjustable backrest and footrest and if possible by automatic means. Also, the degree of possible adjustability is an important factor for a comparison, in which some chair can have a backrest adjustment of about 120 – 170 degrees.

The massage experience and the different variants are of course a particularly crucial argument for and against a massage chair and thus indispensable in our test. Here, observations such as the view of existing types of massage are the focus of such a comparison. We look at the comparison, which of the variants of knocking, kneading and roll massages are possible. Massage chairs are becoming more and more common, allowing the famous shiatsu massage or separately adjustable air pressure massages.

The massage experience and the different variants are of course a particularly crucial argument for and against a massage chair and thus indispensable in our test. Here, observations such as the view of existing types of massage are the focus of such a comparison.

We look at the comparison, which of the variants of knocking, kneading and roll massages are possible. Massage chairs are becoming more and more common, allowing the famous shiatsu massage or separately adjustable air pressure massages.

It is not the mass that makes up an optimal massage chair. Nevertheless, the variants are well suited to the 6 massage functions and possibly even with several full-body programs to own a massage chair that can perform very targeted and individual massages. Also interesting is the number of pre-programmed applications and the number of massage heads. The different variants can also be compared with regard to the multitude of application areas. So it’s important to compare which chairs affect the following possible areas:

  1. hip
  2. Shoulder
  3. head
  4. neck
  5. Legs general
  6. thigh
  7. lower leg
  8. calves

For an even more individualized use, the variants offer, which set up thanks to a body scan the effect specifically on each individual body and also the 3D massage mechanism is an important argument that leads in comparison to plus points. The presence of a pure heat function can also be the argument in one such juxtaposition for one or the other massage chair mean.

Also important for a juxtaposition of the various massage chairs are the best possible price-performance ratio and a large number of customer reviews that can convey a realistic impression and direct experience of everyday use.

Experience shows that the purchase of a massage chair is always a long-term oriented matter. It is therefore all the more important to think carefully about the search for a suitable device right from the start. So our professionally designed product reports are a very essential support. In view of the stress and hectic rush in private or professional life, who has the opportunity to spend a lot of time researching a specific product? A good reason in any case, to use our analysis as a valuable decision-making aid.

  1. What types of massage chairs are there?

In the field of applications also falls on the question of the type of different massage chairs that are available on the market. To distinguish are such massage chairs in the sense and purpose of the application, which are then usually also dependent on existing massage programs and the corresponding price.

So there are very simple armchairs that have a massage function, which is indeed felt, but in the bottom, but should have only a pleasant additional effect, while the armchair is mainly used as a seat. The functions are then very manageable, which makes this armchair but also much cheaper.

Then of course there are the massage chairs, which are especially designed for those who need much more effect through such a chair due to health problems or an increased need for massages. Of course, more expensive products are available for this purpose, but they also have a lot more to offer, both in terms of the number of different programs and the performance.

It is also important to pay attention to what it looks like with existing foot and headrests, which are not always integrated, but achieve an additional comfortable seating. When choosing a massage chair, it should therefore be considered from the outset – also because of the prices that should not be underestimated – which services are important to avoid overpaying, but not too little for your money.

  1. 1 Which functions are important for a massage chair?

Massage chairs are primarily intended for relaxation and “feeling good”. But if you want a really high-quality device, you should know that massage chairs today are able to “do more” than what is generally expected of them.

In any case, the beneficial effects that can be achieved in the course of an extensive massage, always impressive again. A relaxed musculature and a good mood are as good as preprogrammed.

Modern massage chairs are usually equipped with these features:

Different massage techniques are included. For example, depending on the device, you may have the “agony of choice” between a classic back, neck and shoulder massage, a special sports massage or an anti-stress treatment. There are also massage chairs with which you can be pampered with stimulation massages or relaxation massages.

Many devices have a Shiatsu feature.

The vibrations or their intensity can be adjusted individually.

Mostly special sound systems are included. Depending on the chair model, the musical sounds can be adapted to the massage or stimulation rate as needed.

Optimal designed armchairs adapt to the respective body shapes.

They can regulate different strengths and frequencies, which can be controlled manually or remotely.

Depending on your physical condition, it may also be advisable to focus on including a one-seated and disembarking aid.

The seating or lying area can be moved in and out.

The creativity of the manufacturers is obviously almost unlimited in terms of functionality. However, as the experience makes clear again and again, not every function is equally useful for the user. So decide in advance as to which functions would be suitable for you and which not. Optionally, modern models may include additional features.

Of course, not only the functionality of a massage chair is important, but also the material nature. If the case of a device is susceptible to interference due to its quality, it is important to bear in mind that the most complex techniques are easily accessible. If this is not the case, maintenance or repair can be particularly expensive, because under certain circumstances even the padding must be separated and then laboriously sewn again.

  1. 2 How much is a massage chair or how much cost will you pay?

Anyone who has had the opportunity to relax in a massage chair and to be massaged while relaxing, will soon wish to enjoy this luxury again. For example, in shopping malls or in spa centers, it is increasingly possible to simply take a ten-minute break in between and take advantage of a soothing neck or back massage. Obviously, this stimulates the desire to be able to use such a device in one’s own home. Many good reasons in any case, which speak in favor of looking for such a piece of furniture. Normally, you would pay between $400 to $2500 for superb quality massage chairs.

  1. 3 Expensive versus cheap

However, it is difficult to give a flat rate price. Because depending on the provider or with regard to quality, material processing, functionality, features, design and so on, the costs incurred in the purchase vary considerably according to experience. Of course, you have the opportunity to get a massage chair for less than 200 euros or less than $300 as well. When purchasing these low priced models, make sure that the necessary stability and adequate material processing are guaranteed. In addition, it should be noted that not every reasonably priced massage chair is equally suitable for everyone.

10.Shiatsu points By Float Technology

High-quality, sturdy and feature-packed massage chairs in the mid-range range with 500 to 1,500 dollars to book. For comparison: Take a seat in a very reasonably priced and then in a higher quality massage chair. For sure you will immediately feel a difference in comfort, stability, grip and comfort. Not to mention a higher number of massage techniques that you can experience in a more expensive device.

Of course, the “creativity” of the manufacturers are set with regard to the pricing almost no limits. It is indeed easy to find massage chairs that cost 6,000 euros, 8,000 euros or more. The sometimes considerable price difference is also noticeable, for example, in that said luxury models are equipped, for example, with innovative float technology, that the shiatsu points can be automatically recognized by the integrated sensor or that, for example, a shoulder positioning feature is included. What a sophisticated gimmick is for the other, long-awaited luxury for the other, you should definitely indulge.

And so you are spoiled for choice. Luckily, there are our well-founded product reports that can help you make the most of your decision-making.

The history of massage chairs

First of all, it is interesting to look at the origins and history of massage chairs. Where did this idea come from and how was it developed? Taking the massage chair as a piece of furniture designed for relaxation, its origins go back to antiquity. Even then there were especially for the rich special and especially swinging chairs as seating, which served the relaxation. While these pieces of furniture, as predecessors of the massage chair, may have been a little too far-fetched, at the beginning of the 19th century seating and here even more armchairs were developed, which were extremely comfortable and relaxing and found mostly in hotels or social rooms, and later in richer households were.

11.Do You Know About Wing Chair?

These armchairs have been progressively developed. As part of the upholstery, more and more was done for a relaxing well-being. A very special and well-known chair was the so-called wing chair, which was not only suitable for sitting and relaxing, but was also optimally suited to simply drop and sleep.

In the middle of the 19th century, technical advances made for the first armchairs with ergonomic shapes that made sitting more comfortable and also made it possible to bring such seating into reclining positions and, thanks to the foot sections, to be able to lift the legs comfortably anytime. In addition, there were also the first variants with built-in mechanisms that produced a certain vibration as a massage.

12.Do You Know the Pioneers of Today’s Massage Chairs?

The pioneers of today’s massage chairs are the Japanese, who designed and produced the first of these chairs in the 1960s. Accordingly, Japanese households also have the highest proportion of these pieces of furniture worldwide. In 1980, the production of massage chairs began in Singapore, before the Chinese industry produced these pieces of furniture.

These three countries are today among the largest and leading producers, especially of course for the Asian markets, where the purchase of such relaxation helpers is the order of the day. Due to the growing demand all over the world, the production and the number of manufacturers are increasing. More and more emphasis is placed on new developments so that the massage chairs are always relaxing, more effective and restorative.

13.Figures, data, facts about the massage chair

With all the information collected on this site, there are so many facts that you could put any info here again. At this point we limit ourselves to listing interesting numbers around the topic of massage chairs. So the 1960s count as the number for the development of the first massage chairs, as we know them today. This first production took place in Japan at that time.

Japan is also the basis for another amazing figure, because there is a massage chair in most households compared to the rest of the world. About 20 percent of the world’s massage chairs are said to be in Japanese households.

The prices for massage chairs are also paying, which in particular shows the great differences that exist in this area. For example, armchairs can be bought for just a few hundred euros with simple massage movements. But when it comes to massage chairs that have all the massage functions and are of very high quality, prices can quickly rise to 5,000 euros or even more. These figures show very clearly that before such an investment, it is important to deal exactly with this issue.

Important in the case of these prices is the agreement of a guarantee. As a rule, traders usually automatically extend the two-year guarantee to three years. Sometimes there is also a five-year warranty, which can be very useful, even if it comes only after years to problems with the mechanics or other defects.

Before you strike with an attractive massage chair and make this purchase, you should also deal with the numbers around size and weight. After all, you want to be able to move the chair and, above all, it has to fit its dimensions where you want it. So you have to consider that massage chairs can reach a length of 130 to 150 centimeters even in a sitting position. In the lying position, they are even around the 190 centimeters to over 2 meters long, so this space must be planned necessarily.

From the width, the armchairs always move in a usual range of about 75 centimeters. In terms of weight you have to expect between 60 and 120 kilograms, which is a big difference, but of course also depends on the integrated possibilities. Heavier is not so bad, you just have to set up in advance on such a weight.

If you attach great importance to the operating costs, you should also familiarize yourself with the corresponding performance of the massage chair. It will be noted that this power normally ranges between 170 and 200 watts, although this should not be the criterion by which one decides his or her choice for or against a massage chair.

14.Relaxation methods presented

Massages have a very long tradition, and by looking at the different types of massage and treatments and their different effects on the human body, there is growing respect for masseurs and physiotherapists who know exactly what they are doing. Respect then comes to the manufacturers of massage chairs, who have managed to design the massage chairs so that they achieve just such effects, to help people with the relaxation. Relaxation is very important in today’s everyday life, which is why in the following both the various massages of massage chairs are addressed as well as a small number of alternatives is mentioned, which can also be used for relaxation.

15.The time-honored shiatsu massage

Almost all massage chairs today are equipped with the Shiatsu massage, the oldest method that can help or enhance a person’s performance. The goal of Shiatsu massage is to create a pressure on the acupressure points. This relieves pain in the appropriate regions. Soon you will notice that the Shiatsu massage can treat, alleviate and, at best, eliminate all the ailments in the back area.

16.The roll or stretch massage for the spine

Another application of massage chairs is the so-called roll massage. In the roller massage, which is often referred to as stretching massage, there is a gentle massage of the spine.

This pleasant pressure relieves the heavily used intervertebral discs, which also leads to a relief of the entire spine and a corresponding sense of well-being. The term stretch massage comes from the fact that in this application, the spine is stretched. This allows the fluid of the body to get back into the intervertebral discs. As a result, the intervertebral discs are strengthened, whereby an additional beneficial effect can be done.

17.The kneading massage for a better blood circulation

The kneading massage is another feature. The kneading massage, also referred to as kneading, takes place by inflating the integrated air cushions, which then move horizontally and vertically to knead the body in the truest sense of the word. The speed can be regulated according to individual wishes or needs. The kneading massage promotes blood circulation throughout the body for a very pleasant effect.

18.Extreme relaxation through the tapping massage

The tapping in the area of ​​the back known by the masseur or physiotherapist is adjusted by the tapping massage as a further application of the massage chair. The integrated modules generate a pleasant tapping that extends from the tailbone to the neck. This tapping loosens the back and ensures that especially pinched nerves can be solved. This attractive effect ensures that there is often talk of the relaxation massage.

19.Effective applications without the massage chair

The massage chair is a great design and very helpful for loosening up and removing relaxing moments at home. However, one is not always able to pay for such a product at least in a hurry, so that other methods are interesting in order to treat themselves to special massage effects. A few such favorable and spontaneous applications are briefly explained below.

The so-called head massager, which is affectionately called also Kopfkrauler, has the form of a whisk, in which, however, the ends are open. These ends are placed on the scalp and then moved up and down. This creates a pleasant tingling, which not only positively affects the scalp, but affects the entire body. Endorphins are released more and you just feel good. This head massager is small and stowable everywhere. This makes it ideal for a nice break in between and can be comfortably used on the couch, in front of the TV, in bed or wherever spontaneous and effective.

Anyone who travels a lot, running or standing, quickly also experiences problems in the foot zones or in the legs. Here, the so-called foot massager can provide relief and provide a pleasant feeling. The effect is enormous because this simple foot massager lowers both the pulse rate, promotes the local circulation and actually help in wound healing after medical intervention.

Especially with sedentary activities, it is almost everyday that tensions in the neck area occur, which can have far-reaching effects on the body. Therefore, the neck massager is an important aid to combat such tension quickly and spontaneously. This neck massage device loosens the tissue, so that tensions are quickly no longer felt. Such a neck massager is on the one hand in the form of a pillow that you can put or pinch between the back of the appropriate seating and his neck. An attractive and flexible version is a kind of vest, which is placed over the shoulders and in this way achieves its loosening effect. Another very flexible usable product is the massage seat pad.


Massage chairs contain a lot of important information that is important or simply interesting. There are often a lot of questions, especially from those who are about to decide on a massage chair. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions listed and answered.

Can massage chairs be cleaned properly?

Massage chairs are very easy to clean and require no special cleaning. Especially by the use of leather or artificial leather normal cloths or in case of stains and moist disinfectant wipes to make the chair dust-free, dirt and germ-free. In addition, standard leather cleaning products such as conditioners or moisturizers can extend the shelf life of the material. However, in all cases it is always enough to wipe over the armchair for an excellent result.

Does a massage chair have to cost a lot?

The question of the price of a massage chair is always dependent on the features, the quality and the available massage functions. Whether a massage chair must be expensive, decides in particular your own taste or personal needs. So there are cheap variants that contain only basic functions of the massage, but for some are completely sufficient to feel comfortable in it. Then there are the more expensive variants, which are massaged at the level of masseurs and physiotherapists and, above all, used for medical needs.

Helpful in deciding whether a massage chair is cheap, expensive or possibly even too expensive, are in any case comparisons like our test of the different massage chairs. Often one finds when buying on the Internet, the desired models cheaper than it is the case in the local dealer. Use the information here on the way to a massage chair, which has an optimal price-performance ratio for its functions.

What are the different applications of massage chairs?

With the large number of different massage chairs, it is not surprising that they are also equipped for different or different applications. Without a doubt, the massages that positively affect the back are common. But there are also variants that also include the head, the neck, the arms, the legs (upper and / or lower leg) or the hip in the massage programs. Here it is always important to decide in advance which areas are important to you. Interesting are the massage chairs with the so-called BodyScan, which scans the body and adapts its massage to individual needs.

In which country do massage chairs come from?

The origin of the massage chairs in their present form in Japan, where even today most households are equipped with such products. Later, Singapore and China also went into production before increasing demand led to the production of massage chairs worldwide and especially in Europe.

What if the remote control or engine is defective?

The massage functions are closely linked to the engine, the corresponding mechanisms and, in most cases, the remote control. If there is a defect somewhere and the massage no longer works or does not work properly, you should contact the dealer, because long-term guarantees usually mean that the chair will be repaired or replaced. In the case of an expired warranty, however, one can also assume that there are always the appropriate spare parts to provide, so that the armchair really long-term to an attractive and helpful joy.

Is an online purchase useful without being able to test the chair?

The online purchase of a massage chair has the advantages of being able to look at a variety of armchairs from home and choose your favorite. At the same time a consultation can be enjoyed via a free hotline or the chat, if you want to express certain questions and wishes. Often, however, the disadvantage mentioned is the fact that you have no opportunity to test the chair.

Many vendors control this by delivering the chair free of charge to the interested party so that they can test it in peace. if satisfied, the corresponding purchase is completed. If you do not like it, the chair will be picked up again free of charge. Thus, the online purchase makes sense, because a test is just possible. Apart from this new service, there would always be the usual right of return anyway.

Is there the best massage chair available?

Often the question is asked, which is the really best massage chair. Honestly, it must be said that the one best chair does not exist. For example, our comparison can test different armchairs and achieve a total score that will make a comparison winner. However, this comparison test winner wins by a comparison of many factors, of which he may not be the best at some or the other property or even does not possess some functions. The wide variety of possibilities ensures that each chair has other advantages. At the same time, every user of a massage chair has different needs, so the best armchair for one might not make any sense to another. For this reason, everyone can personally find only the best massage chair, in which their own wishes are set as a standard.

Is there the best manufacturer of massage chairs?

When it comes to the question of the best manufacturer, there is just as little a blanket answer as to the question of the best massage chair. There are many excellent providers like inada, alpha techno, asisam or even keyton. All are in the service of the customer and want to develop the perfect massage chair for everyone. However, since the requirements and needs of the customer are different, each manufacturer will meet these needs differently. Thus, it is important to find the massage chair that best suits your own ideas and then you may decide for yourself that the manufacturer of this chair for one of the best.

Which types of massage do the armchairs offer?

An important feature to be considered in a comparison is the presence or the number of possible types of massage. For example, there is the Shiatsu massage, which provides a pleasant effect with the pressure on the acupressure points.

Then there is the kneading massage, which kneads with the different movements of the air cushion on the body and stimulates the blood circulation.

The tapping massage mimics the tapping movements of the masseur or the physiotherapist in the back area, resulting in a huge relaxation. The roll or stretch massage massages the spine. The intervertebral discs are relieved and at the same time strengthened, in which the liquid of the body can be returned to the intervertebral discs by the parallel stretching of the spinal column.

What are Useful accessories for the massage chair?

Most, at least the optimal massage chairs are supplied with a large part of accessories, so that everything is available, what you need for the benefit of this relaxing piece of furniture. Of course you can also buy or replace accessories at any time. These include, in particular, the remote controls to conveniently start all massage functions and programs or to change the positions of the chair. Also interesting may be separate pillows for the headboard or pads for the rest of the chair. These can then be cleaned individually, which possibly facilitates the care of the massage chair, which – however, as already mentioned above – is not so complicated.

Nevertheless, cushions, blankets or cushions, in addition to a high degree of coziness, also ensure a longer life of the original cover of the massage chair. Of course, when it comes to cleaning, the corresponding cloths and cleaning agents can also be regarded as accessories and can be purchased everywhere. If the massage chair does not work, it can always be due to defective motors of the massage elements. If the chair is not yet under warranty – then the dealer should be addressed – there are such spare parts everywhere and especially on the Internet to buy, so that nothing stands in the way of the long-term use of the massage chair.


10 Best Human Touch Massage Chairs – Comparison and Reviews 2019

Best Human Touch Massage Chair

In the technological age various deluxe conveniences become available in our lives. This includes a wide variety ranging from fuel cell vehicles to sense and avoid drones, due to our accessibility to excellent designed & advanced technology. Where relaxation & comfort are concerned, examples include Human Touch Massage Chairs of today’s technological advancements.

By studying our buying guide you will get a good idea about the top 10 human touch massage chairs available for 2018 to 2019. It’s a reality that personal massage chairs can be seen as self-indulgent whether you want these chairs for your home or your business. Whatever the case, it is important to focus on the massage chairs’ features, look and overall design. Each type of chair has an elegance of its own which varies from quite ordinary to modern and sleek.

Purchasing massage chairs can be seen as an investment, whilst our buying guide offers choices for people working on a budget and those browsing for top quality chairs. A client aspiring to purchase a massage chair may expect that such a chair can come at a price of some thousands of dollars. However, such a chair is available at less than $1,000 for the real thrifty customer.

Since 1979, Human Touch is a company which concentrated on wellness and has a wide variety of massage chairs to choose from and in different price ranges, suitable for everyone!

List of 10 Best Human Touch massage chair 2019

Massage Programs
Total Weight
Check Price
1. Human Touch
Novo XT
8 programs
273 pounds

2. Human Touch
Whole body 7.1
5 programs
114 pounds

3. Human Touch
Zero G5.0
5 programs
194 pounds

4. Human Touch
Whole Body 5.1
3 programs
107 pounds

5. Human Touch
AcuTouch 9500 X
7 programs
250 pounds

6. Human Touch
Zero G4.0
5 programs
170 pounds

7. I Joy
Active 2.0
3 programs
45 pounds

8. Human Touch
6 programs
60 pounds

9. Human Touch
Novo XT2
35 programs
294 pounds

10. Human Touch
HT 5020
3 programs
130 pounds

The table below describes the top 10 Human Touch Massage chairs available in 2018. Compiling this list we took into account what clients may desire regarding the features of such a luxury chair. You will observe that the chairs within the list fit a variety of budgets!

Whilst studying the list you should take into account which you see as must haves as well as how much you want to spend. All the massage chairs of Human Touch include their 3D FlexGlide Massage patented technology and a variety of auto massage programmes & techniques. It is logical that the more expensive models will offer more features too.

If you don’t have specific issues about the chair’s style, you can choose a chair which includes your must haves, but don’t need to be uniquely elegant. There is no need to become confused about what you want just to keep up with your friends or colleagues.

Then there are the conflicting comments from other consumers having their own expectations about the different chairs which can cause doubt whether investing in a massage chair is a good idea.

However, according to us it is a good decision. With our buying guide you don’t need to struggle through reviews or do research. Hopefully this buying guide will give you a good idea of which massage chair will be the perfect one for your personal needs.

1. Human Touch-Novo X – Our Sophisticated Pick

This chair, which is also the editor’s choice, is a real futuristic chair and offers excellent advanced technology. This amazing chair offers the best value for customers who don’t consider the high price tag. The Novo XT Zero Gravity Massage Chair can be seen as a remarkable example of how comfort & design place it in its own class!

The zero gravity feature presented in a massage chair refers to a chair which enables you to lie down in a position of zero gravity. This allows your body weight to evenly be spread out across the surface of the chair. NASA invented this advanced technology for their astronauts and its function is to relieve gravity’s pressure on the back.

People, as tall as 6 feet 9 inches can use the Novo XT Zero Gravity massage chair. The stunning design buffer your body, whilst it enables its L-track massage technique covering 60 percent more of your back-area compared to a more standard massage chair.

Its bend & stretch option which intends to enable the stretching out of the spine, is another feature which puts it apart. This elegant massage chair has 5 various intensity levels for massaging, whilst it offers aimed air-acupressure.

The Human Touch-Novo XT Zero Gravity massage chair comprises of 35 pre-programmed options for massaging. Furthermore, it offers expandable calf & foot massage with numerous speed- & intensity levels.

This chair uses airbags & rollers for massaging, with a maximum weight capacity of approximately 300 pounds. It is design to save space and just 2-inches of wall-clearance is needed to recline. This luxurious Human Touch massage chair comes in different colours to blend in with your interior design.

  • Users reported better sleep & reduced body pain after using
  • Space saving design
  • Lumbar heat option
  • Can be adjusted for consumers up to 6 feet 9 inches tall
  • Five various intensity levels
  • Comprises of 35-programmed massage options for treatment
  • Massage options from head – toe
  • Warranty: 5-year in home for frame; 1-year service; 3-years parts
  • USB Port, Bluetooth speakers & LCD remote control
  • SofHyde chair upholstery – specially formulated
  • Expensive price tag
  • Intensity settings only affect manual ones; not programmed ones
  • Large footprint: 31 inches wide x 63 inches long x 43 inches height


2. Human Touch Whole-body-7.1 Massage Chair – Design-Journal Award Winner

The Whole-body 7.1 massage chair poses to be a good example of what is available from a standard massage chair with a moderate price tag. Its remote control has the Body-Map Pro, allowing you to push which part of your body you want to aim at to start your massage.

The Whole-body 7.1 massage chair can be adjusted from being semi reclined to its full extension. You can use the ottoman to massage your calves, whilst it can also be overturned to be used as a footrest &   massage speed and power is adjustable.

The automatic massage programs enable you in selecting if you want to massage for stress- or pain relief or relaxation or physical therapy. It has 3 adjustable intensity levels, whilst no assembly is needed.

It has a swivel-action of approximately 55 degrees and although the massaging chair should not be used just as a recliner, consumers stated that it is slightly uncomfortably when not using it for massaging. The Whole-body 7.1 applies 3D Massage which enables the massage chair to reproduce the feeling when a masseuse is massaging aching muscles.

Its technology of FlexGlide Orbital Massage permits a smooth massage, with no skin pinching. Five programmed massage choices are available which can be coupled with CirQlation Figure 8 leg-massage & Patented Warm Air-Technology for improving blood circulation.

  • Has 5 Automatic Massage programs
  • Body-Map Pro remote control allowing easy selection of sore areas
  • Padding is removable to assist with adjusting the massage power
  • Looks like an ordinary recliner
  • It has 3 intensity levels
  • Can be adjusted for consumers up to 6 feet 2 inches tall
  • Has a lumbar heating option
  • Warranty: 1 yr in-house service; 2 yrs parts; 3 yrs frame
  • The foot rest cannot be extended for taller consumers
  • Taller users stated that the chair is not large enough
  • Some consumers stated that massage intensity is too powerful


3. Human Touch-Zero G5.0 Zero Gravity Massage Chair – Fan Favourite

The Zero G5.0 massage chair has a lot of the Whole-body 7.1’s technology, whilst it has zero gravity as an added feature. Human Touch observes the Zero G5.0 massage chair as a fan favourite due to its reasonable price, but with all the basic luxuries offered in its price range. The Zero 5.0 massage chair can recline to multiple positions until in zero gravity position. The foot rest can be extended to provide additional comfort for the taller consumers.

The massage can be customized, whilst the intensity is adjustable by changing the reclining position. It is more intense when it’s further back, by the removal of removable padding or the adjusting of the remote’s intensity settings.

For selecting target areas rapidly, the Body-Map Pro & remote have a start massage button. The remote of the Body-Map Pro is an illustration of how the advanced technology of Human Touch allows a user to fixate on the pain, touching exactly where it aches.

The Zero G5.0 chair offers a foot & calf rest as well as massage with your option of rollers or vibration. Additionally, the ottoman can become just a foot rest, by flipping it over. A variety of four massage techniques are offered by the manual settings.

  • The Body-Map Pro remote is easy to use
  • Zero gravity position
  • Smart 3D-massage mimicking a smooth massage
  • Heated lumbar option via  Patented Warm-Air Technology
  • Four pre-programmed choices & four manual massage methods
  • Calf & foot massager is adjustable for taller consumers
  • Can be adjusted for consumers as tall as 6 feet 2 inches
  • A button which can be pressed and hold in one step to zero gravity
  • Warrant: 1 yr in-house service; 3 yrs for frame; 2 yrs for parts
  • Has 3 intensity levels
  • Some clients stated overheating after one year of massaging
  • Clients might count on more programmable options / extended warranty with its price tag
  • Available only in two colours


4. Human Touch Whole-Body 5.1 – Swivel Base Full-Body Relax & Massage Chair

The Human Touch Whole-Body 5.1 Swivel base massage chair is considered the best value buy. This model massage chair has a lot of the basic technology of the Whole-Body 7.1.

The Whole-Body 5.1 with its more cost-effective price tag makes it a great choice for budget-conscious consumers, particularly when you can purchase it on a sale for less than $1,000. This model massage chair still provides advanced massage capability, which includes programmed options. However, there is no heat option to justify its lower price.

The base of this massage chair swivels, whilst it can recline in different positions. Additionally, you can adjust the massage intensity up to 3 different levels. Consumers are satisfied with the functioning and massage options of the chair in comparison with the price of the chair.

The basic technology of the Human Touch Whole-body series includes the 3D FlexGlide-massage. This patented accomplishment reproduces the feeling of a smooth hot oil massage not pinching your skin.

The foot & leg rest can be transformed into a massage which improves blood circulation. This chair is created from SofHyde fabric patented by Human Touch and is available in black.

  • The massage chair swivels
  • FlexGlide orbital massage has the feeling of hot oil massage
  • Can be adjusted for clients of 6’ 2” in leg & back areas.
  • 3 pre-programmed options & 3 manual massage techniques
  • Warranty: 1 yr in-house service; 3 yrs frame & 2 yrs parts
  • Retractable ottoman & uses CirQlation Tech like high-end chairs
  • Not an attractive home décor option
  • Just 3 pre-programmed options
  • Lacks heated lumbar massage
  • Just available in one colour
  • Taller users complain the chair is not large enough


5. Human Touch AcuTouch 9500 X  – Created From Genuine Leather

The AcuTouch 9500 x massage chair is taking us back to the more expensive range of Human Touch’s massage chairs. This chair is created from genuine leather, unlike other Human Touch’s massage chairs, made from SofHyde and has a luxurious design with quite some embellishments.

The AcuTouch 9500 x does not have the Novo XT Zero Gravity’s sleek and contemporary look, but is designed with a different elegance in mind. Its design gives it the appearance of a typical recliner which will look great in a living room. The ottoman which can be fully retracted into the massage chair, gives it the function of a typical recliner.

The AcuTouch 9500 x massage chair, furnished with a silhouetted neck pillow is created from genuine premium leather. The foam of this massage chair is designed for total comfort, whether you are using it as a massage chair or regular arm chair.

Its higher price tag is justified by perks like the inclusion of its Acupoint Detection System! Technology to scan the problem areas in your back is used by this system, by targeting specific pressure points and takes decisions itself!

Similar to Human Touch’s other chairs, the AcuTouch 9500 x show cases a rotating, rolling massage for the calves and feet within the protractible ottoman, which forms part of the CirQlation technology of Human Touch. Additionally this luxurious massage chair includes two lumbar heating systems!

  • Created from genuine leather with total comfort in mind
  • Show cases a full back body-scan, for mapping pressure points
  • Various reclining positions; contractible ottoman
  • Dual heated lumbar massage
  • Intensity options which can be adjusted
  • Massage options: 8 pre-programmed
  • For consumers as tall as 6’ 2” an adjustable foot rest
  • Warranty: 5 yr in-house – frame; 1 yr in-house service; 3 yrs – parts
  • Expensive price tag
  • Consumers experience problems with the massage chair


6. Human Touch-Zero G4.0 – Zero Gravity 3D Massage Technology

This Zero G4.0 chair is an example of Human Touch’s best midrange massage chairs. This massage chair presents 4 pre-programmed full body submersion massages & various massage techniques from which you can choose.

Alike various other massage chairs of Human Touch, the Body Map PRO is featured on the remote which permits you to target specific areas. You can initiate your massage in an easy step, just pushing the corresponding body area on the remote to hone in on particular problem areas.

The Zero G4.0 massage chair with zero gravity, allows you to opt for a reclining position which spreads out your weight evenly which take the pressure off the body allowing more overall relaxation as well as extra lung capacity. You will experience a more intense massage the further back you adjust the massage chair.

The 3D massage technology’s intensity can be adjusted on the Zero G4.0 massage chair by choosing up to 4 different levels or the removal of some padding for administering more direct contact.

If you want to improve circulation or maybe suffering from tired feet & legs, the CirQlation technology poses to be an excellent method for easing achy feet & legs. This massage chair’s width of the calf & foot massager can be adjusted. The Zero G4.0 is available in espresso or black.

  • The remote features Body Map PRO
  • Selection of 4 intensity levels
  • Four automatic submersion massage programs for the entire body
  • Smart 3D Massage technology for penetrating & intense massage
  • Foot & calf massager can be adjusted with CirQlation technology
  • Zero gravity rocking-option
  • Getting to zero gravity in single step; hold down remote’s button
  • Warranty: 5 yrs for frame; 1 yr in-house service; 3 yrs for parts
  • Just available in two colours
  • Lacking heated lumbar modules
  • Clients report its uncomfortable when not using massage feature
  • Unsuitable for clients taller than 6 feet


7. I-Joy Active-2.0 – Most Cost-effective massage chair

This i-Joy Active-2.0 massage chair is compact and sleek and designed to fit into smaller areas whether it is for a home or office. It can be classified among the smallest chairs and is the most cost-effective choice. It is created for consumers below 6 feet tall.

This massage chair is available in the colours bone or espresso and upholstered with Human Touch’s patented SofHyde material. The bone colour choice makes this massage chair outstanding due to the fact that usually massage chairs are available in the darker colours for example black or espresso.

Similar to other massage chairs from Human Touch, the i-Joy Active-2.0 also uses 3D FlexGlide Massage-technology designed to provide the smoothest and most efficient massage without chafing your skin. According to Human Touch it is mimicking a hot oil massage.

This chair has 3 automatic massage programs and can recline in a variety of positions. A nice attribute for this more cost-effective massage chair is an adjustable pillow which can be moved up or down to be more comfortable.

It features a massage intensity which can be adjusted up to 4-levels, providing consumers with a more intense massage if needed. Taking into account the low price tag of this chair it is quite a surprising option.

This massage chair can be folded up to be more compact which is easier to store.

  • Amazing value for below $1000
  • Space saving and compact design
  • 3D FlexGlide Massage-technology
  • For easy storage it can fold up
  • Intensity can be adjusted to 4-levels
  • Only weighs 45 pounds which make storage & portability easier
  • Available in bone & espresso colours
  • Lack foot & calf massage options
  • Lacking lumbar heating
  • Too small for consumers taller than 6-feet
  • Lacking embellishments of more expensive massage chairs
  • Warrant: frame – 2 yrs; 90 days in-house service; parts – 1 yr


8. Human Touch iJOY2.1

iJOY 2.1 is actually an updated version of iJOY 2.0 being released by Human Touch Massage Chair brand. The best massage chair has got many features to offer in yet an affordable price range. That being said, this massage chair has been specifically designed to get adjusted in your room or any other place in your home at the same time. There are two different colors available i.e. Brown and White. The two colors can be selected according to your own preferences. Well even with a load of features, the best cheap massage chair of 2019 has got an affordable price. With durable construction, it is possible that you can use this hair for many years to come easily.

First of all, the best massage chair for adults comes with a compact design. The chair is extremely sleek and stylish. You can easily adjust it in your room even if it has got limited space.

On the other hand, this massage chair also comes with Flex Glide Technology so that you can enjoy a soothing and comfortable massage experience. The flex glide technology is there to overtake a typical massage chair as it lets you glide in the chair for an ultimate dose of relaxation.

There are three different massage programs available within the massage chair. You can enjoy different massage programs to ensure that you get different doses of a comfortable experience. You can also set different programs manually to target a specific pain area of your body.

Zippered side pockets are available at each side of the chair. You can store your stuff such as wallets, mobiles, etc in these pockets to keep them protected for a long period of time as well.

Some of the positives and negatives related to iJOY 2.1 are as follows:

  • Designed for limited rooms.
  • Flex glide massage technology is present.
  • Three preset massage programs are available.
  • Zippered side pockets available.
  • Extremely affordable massage chair.
  • Easy reclining feature.
  • No zero gravity feature.
  • Issues in recline feature.

Final Views:

Human Touch iJOY 2.1 is an ideal choice for your body. The chair makes sure that you enjoy a peaceful and comfortable massage experience within an affordable price range. So, better get it before it runs out of stock.


9. Human Touch Novo XT2

The very next massage chair on our list from Human Touch brand is brand new Novo XT2. It’s basically an upgrade of XT version and is loaded with a lot of features at the same time. That being said, the best massage chair comes with durable construction. You will be able to use it for many years to come as well. On the other hand, it also provides a comfortable massage experience. Additionally, you can enjoy many benefits of owning that chair as it has got everything that will make you relaxed and comfortable for many years to come.

There are 35 different automatic massage programs available within the chair. This means you will be able to enjoy relaxing and comforting different parts of your body especially your arms and calves for a long period of time.

Zero gravity feature is also up to the mark. With the help of this feature, the chair aligns itself in such a way that you can experience a weightless body massage for a long period of time.

Human Touch Massage chairs are equipped with 3D Flex technology and this feature is also prominent in the brand new XT2. The massage chair with the help of the latest technology allows you to relax for a long time.

Finally, the shape and design that this chair has got ar

e extremely awesome.  Unibody L-track shape system has been integrated within the chair so that you can enjoy a peaceful environment once you sit on the chair.

Some of the pros and cons related to Human Touch XT2 are as follows:

  • 35 automatic massage programs.
  • Comes with a zero-gravity feature.
  • Allows you to enjoy a comfortable massage.
  • 3D flex massage technology.
  • L-Track body design.
  • The patented sound system is present.
  • Expensive massage chair.
  • Requires large space.

Final Views:

XT2 is, indeed, the latest addition to the list of best Human Touch massage chairs. It allows you to enjoy a premium quality massaging experience for a long period of time as well. So, check it out before the chair runs out of stock.


10. Human Touch HT-5020

Finally, the last best massage chair on our list has got a model name of HT-5020 and it’s also a brand new release from Human Touch Massage chairs manufacturer. This massage chair also has got an amazing design and shape and is loaded with many properties so as to make sure that you enjoy a perfect and calm massaging experience for a long period of time. That being said, the best massage chair also allows you to comfort your tired body after you’ve been working all day long without any break. The chair, although, has got an expensive price tag. However, the features it has got completely justifies its price tag as well.

There are three automatic massage programs available within the best human touch massage chair. You have the choice to select the program that suits your demands in the best possible way.

4 Professional massage techniques are also included in the chair. That being said, you can follow any massage technique in order to target a specific area of your body for an immersive massage.

This massage chair comes with Patented Figure-Eight technology. Each part of your body including your calves, arms, neck, backbone, feet, and shoulders will get the due massage with the help of this technology.

The last thing that I am going to discuss in this massage chair is its Two Stage Backrest. You can recline the massage chair in order to enjoy your favorite movies or TV Series on the big screen easily.

Some of the pros and cons are as follows:

  • Comes with 3 Auto Massage Programs.
  • 4 massage techniques to target a specific area.
  • Minimalist and sleek design.
  • Patented Figure-Eight massage technology.
  • Comfortable experience for a long time.
  • The backrest is available.
  • Expensive.
  • Requires a good amount of space.

Final Views:

Human Touch HT-5020 is, in fact, an ideal choice for people who are often facing pain in different parts of their body. The best massage chair has got many features that will give you a peaceful environment to enjoy yourself as well. So, better check it out before it runs out of stock.



Human Touch Massage Chair Brand is a prestigious manufacturer of massage chairs out there in the market. The chairs from this manufacturer will give you the due value along with a perfect massaging experience as well. Out of the top 10 massage chairs that we have listed, our top recommendations will be to go for:

  1. Human Touch iJOY2.1 if you are low on budget.
  2. Human Touch-Zero G4.0 as it’s a massage chair with 3D massage
  3. Human Touch-Novo XT as it’s the best massage chair of 2019.

Where do you buy best massage chairs today?

The demands on massage chairs are high. Accordingly, the manufacturing companies are required accordingly. And indeed, they always manage to surpass the rising expectations of quality-conscious consumers. In general, however, many consumers are asking themselves whether it makes more sense to buy massage chairs in well-stocked local retail stores or to search the world wide web.

The advantages that the local retail trade has to offer are quite obvious:

  1. a good advice
  2. Local proximity, which makes sense if a lack of massage chair occurs
  3. direct, personal contact
  4. Products can be viewed and reviewed directly in the shop

In fact, retailers can even cost a lot to keep up with the demands of their customers. So he has to regularly keep new products on the spot in stock, which is associated with a significant cost. Rental expenses, staff costs and so on must be borne. After all, the branch employees want to be paid and the premises to be financed. The catch is that just this financial expense is passed on directly and without any ado to the customer.

This means that a massage chair, which is bought in the local specialty store, is often considerably more expensive than an online store product. In fact, online providers are sometimes exposed to completely different conditions, so that the saved costs can also easily be passed on to the consumer. In so far, this is already a very significant aspect that speaks for the online purchase.

Anyone who believes that an online purchase would require a personal or individual consultation would be wrong. More and more providers are offering their site visitors the opportunity to contact specialist consultants either via a free hotline number or via an online chat.

On the way to the perfect massage chair, not only the questions of the perfect suppliers, the most suitable materials and especially the best and most effective massage functions, but also the question of where such a chair should be bought.

Basically, it is about the consideration of whether one prefers the way in the specialized trade on the spot or uses the possibilities on the Internet. A question that is quite appropriate, because it is ultimately a product whose price is not insignificant and at the same time also makes very high demands.

Local Purchase Vs Online Purchase:

Of course, the local shops nearby or, depending on the location, offer the usual advantages. This includes above all the personal contact person on site, who can help you not only with the selection of the coveted object, but also after a purchase is available, if it comes to questions, problems or deficiencies around the acquired massage chair.

In addition, the local dealer of course has the great advantage that the massage chair not only considered, but also can be tested to get a complete picture of the look and function can. Of course, the most important thing is the comfort of the seat, which you can test as well as the various massage functions that often inspire you in the store itself. Especially with colored armchairs but also the sight plays an important role, because colors in reality often look different than in pictures and the chair of course also the appearance of their own wishes.

In addition to these advantages, however, the price as a disadvantage is not left out. Retail traders incur costs such as rent, electricity and staff salaries, which of course have to be financed, usually through surcharges on the items offered. As a result, the prices for massage chairs in the specialized trade on site are usually much higher than for the items available on the Internet. Because in the online shops, the additional costs are much lower and the savings are passed on to the customers by the massage chairs are simply offered much cheaper. This is probably one of the biggest and most significant benefits, which is why the purchase of massage chairs on the Internet is becoming increasingly important and popular.

But that is also because the service on the Internet is getting more and more extensive. For a long time now, it has not been the case that you have to do without personal advice on the internet. For example, customer support can be called via free hotlines at any time, or the ever-frequent setting up of an online chat can be used for advice.

Many shops also invalidate the advantage of local retailers to be able to test the armchairs there by offering to try out the massage chairs at home for some time. Afterwards one can decide for it and keep the chair or let him pick it up again free of charge, if he does not meet the expectations.

In conclusion, considering the service and price, online retailing is the best way to buy a perfect massage chair and enjoy its benefits.

Online purchases from Amazon Store are trendy

Considering the fact that service, competence and a high product quality are important not only in the specialist shop on site, but also with online retailers, online efforts are always made to ensure maximum service and comfort when purchasing a massage chair. As a customer, you can conveniently test the piece of furniture that you are considering for several days or weeks at home. A free delivery and pickup (if not satisfied) is usually included.

If you consider that all these services and the most excellent advice to have for free and score the massage chairs by a comparatively low purchase price, then it is not surprising that the number of online customers increases almost continuously.

Worth knowing & advice on massage chairs

In addition to the features and benefits of a massage chair that are of great importance to your purchase, there are many other interesting pieces of information listed in the following chapters. Immerse yourself in the world of massage chairs and let yourself be inspired by knowing everything about this article even more, even if this information is not crucial for the decision for or against a massage chair.

Top 7 Best Infinity Massage Chairs Review – Fresh Picks of 2019

Best Infinity Massage Chairs

There are a lot of words which describe the concept of infinity. All of these words come down to the perception of boundlessness or immeasurability. According to the Latin word ad infinitum from which it was derived it means something larger than all natural numbers or something that has no bound.

This may be the ultimate reason why the Infinity chair manufacturer had chosen this word for their corporate identity. Whether the Infinity Massage Chair will be able to transfer you to such a domain where space & time is oblivious is questionable, but owning your own Infinity massage chair will maybe do this trick for you!

The Massage Chair Market

PR Newswire reported that since 2016 a steady rise in the demand for luxurious massage chairs exist. According to projections this trend will be on the rise up to 2020 by consumer’s demand as well as due to active lifestyle populations, like in North America and on a high scale in the Pacific Rim.

The question is: what is behind this trend? The World Health Organization stated that stress by 2020, will become the 2nd factor causing disabilities. Thus, explaining why luxurious and technological advanced massage chairs are selling like cake.

The Medical Benefits when Owning a Sophisticated Infinity Massage Chair

  1. Increasing joint flexibility, whilst improving range of movement
  2. Alleviate migraines
  3. Speeds up recovery time & intervention of muscle strains
  4. For pregnant women when in labour, decreased pain & time
  5. Reducing muscle spasms & cramps
  6. Applying heat with massage leads to increased healing benefits
  7. Release of endorphin by triggering the stimulating pleasure centres
  8. Stimulating lymphatic system enhancing its ability to fight toxins
  9. Releasing oxygen, reducing post-surgery scarring & oedema

List of 7 Best Infinity Massage Chairs

Total Weight
Check Price
1. Infinity IT
8500X3 3d
367 pounds

2. Infinity IT
240 pounds

3. Infinity IT
Riage X3
265 pounds

4. Infinity IT
Evoke CB
265 pounds
Zero Gravity

5. Infinity IT 8500
348 pounds
Zero Gravity

6. Infinity Genesis 3D
350 pounds

7. Infinity Evolution
Premium 3D
435 pounds
3D massage

1. Infinity IT8500X3 EB-3D –  Massage Chair

You have a choice of brown, black or taupe to match with your interior décor. Owning the Infinity IT8500X3 EB-3D massage chair it won’t be necessary to visit a massage studio. With its price just below $5,500, this amazing massage chair has all the embellishments you can expect from the Infinity brand. With its natural S-shaped side rail it will hug your spine and let you escape to an utter state of tranquillity!

One of the Infinity Massage Chairs benchmarks is the control its user will have over its heating mechanism. You should increase the temperature gradually to allow your muscles to get the necessary relief without shocking the body. The foot massager that employs 8 airbags & six sole massagers pose to be a work of art! People, who work on their feet all day, will find great relief of aching and sore feet.

The IT8500X3 comes with 6 preset massage choices which can be controlled by a remote the size of a palm which is not unyielding or clumsy. With its Bluetooth connection you will be able to enjoy your favourite music, whilst getting a marvellous massage. This Infinity chair is amazingly quiet whilst you are using it, so you don’t need to be concerned about interfering with your music!

Infinity covers you if you have any concerns about this model’s sustainability. The IT8500X3 uses a little energy, due to the fact that it uses a constant and steady voltage. You can consider this Infinity Massage Chair not only benefiting your body, but also Mother Earth!

Maybe at the top of your list will be its feature of containing sensors in the upper body which can gauge your level of discomfort and provide targeted alleviation accordingly; especially when you have a lot of tension in the shoulder area.

Benefits and Features

This model Infinity Massage Chair has updated preset features which include: rest & sleep, working relief & sports refresh. The remote control was also updated to provide full palm control, whilst it proves a display panel which is easy to read.

The distinctive arrangement of its 8 airbags gives this massage chair the ability to provide a much better spinal stretch than any other chair.

You will receive a real authentic Shiatsu massage experience as this Infinity model’s swivel seat will be moving your hips gently from side-to-side.

The IT8500X3 is created to render assistance in correcting painful spine disorders which can be interference when living an active life.

  • Individual airbags are adjustable.
  • Innovative and improved technology.
  • Bluetooth speakers for listening to music.
  • Perfect for patients in back pain.
  • Foot and neck massage systems are perfect.
  • Uses a low amount of energy.
  • L-Track system is absent.
  • Extremely expensive.
  • Rollers must be padded.


2. Infinity IT Escape CB Massage Chair

The Infinity IT Escape CB Massage chair comes with a price tag lower than $3,000, which will surely put a smile on a potential client’s face, when compared to Infinity’s luxurious chairs which may be unaffordable for you.

With its price tag it has a lot of features which can provide massages which eliminate tension, pain & stress. Alike its more expensive counterparts, this chair also offers the longest massage stroke within the industry, stroking your muscles, promotes circulation, whilst it will equalize your body rhythms, which directly result from its zero gravity design, which almost instantly eliminates your pain.

Gentle heating can be applied when preparing for your massage, by using its remote control which provides instructions in the following languages: Spanish, English, Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese.

The IT Escape CB model is designed to have an influencing impact on a wide range of physiological concerns, which include providing a heart rate which is steady.

The lumbar region receives special attention due to the chair’s S-shape curve structure which is reaching down from the neck area to the glut area. You also get some massage options which are found in the more expensive Infinity chairs, which include: knocking, tapping, kneading, Shiatsu & rolling or a combination.

Benefits & Features

  • Massage timer can be adjusted to 10; 20; or 30 minutes.
  • Its distinctive side rails contains massage rollers, alongside the S-curve
  • Provides the 6 massage options by using the new, sleek remote control
  • It has the new side to side Shiatsu swivel feature.
  • With its zero gravity feature this chair alleviates pain within minutes, without massaging.
  • Different color range available.
  • 47 Inch Roller track is available.
  • Takes less space and area to cover.
  • 38 dedicated airbags for best comfortable experience.
  • Heating modules for relaxing massage.
  • Foot massager is present.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Not easy to assemble.
  • Neck roller doesn’t work sometimes.


3. Infinity IT-Riage X3  – 3D Massage Chair

Clients describe the Riage X3 as both sumptuous & calming. This model massage chair is stacked with technological advanced features which convert a standard massage chair to become a relaxation hub! Inside this chair’s soft leather which will be cradling your skin, is a nerve centre which functions to provide pampering to your body.

This chair, with its S-track feature of 49-inches is able to do what only handful of massage chairs can do: Conforming to the spine’s natural curve, the body’s skeletal & muscle systems will derive benefits from its stimulation. Your mind will slip into a joyful state, getting rid of the day’s tension.

A network of rollers which are patented, address the body’s individual areas which has the highest need to be alleviated, which are identified by the sensor system of the chair.

Foot fatigue can also be soothed due to the fact that the foot rollers were designed by professionals within the field of reflexology.

Suffering from habitual pain within your lumbar area, the Riage rollers’ pressurized massage strokes can immediately have an impact on your discomfort & pain. You may accomplish spinal rejuvenation at a level that you thought impossible, should you use this massage chair on a daily basis.

You can use the chair’s Bluetooth feature, which is in coherence with your mobile phone, providing music on your favourite play list via the built-in speakers assisting you to accomplish complete relaxation.

Benefits & Features 

  • The Riage X3 model massage chair’s menu includes: knocking, kneading, tapping, rubbing, Shiatsu or a combined massage.
  • Reclining into zero-gravity positioning lowers blood pressure, slows heart rate, whilst it relaxes your muscles.
  • Reflexology treatments are provided through its 3 sole massagers and 8 airbags.
  • A L-Track system with its unique vertical to horizontal feature provides alleviation to both the upper- & lower body.
  • This Infinity massage chair won’t shock your body, because it heats up gradually.
  • Six Preset massage programs.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is present.
  • 2 zero gravity levels for a perfect massage.
  • Massage tracking feature.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • 60 days return policy is also available.
  • Weighty, so moving process is affected.
  • Fewer models are available.
  • Extremely expensive.


4. Infinity IT Evoke CB

Synonyms for evoke is induced or aroused, which describe what you will experience with the Infinity IT Evoke CB massage chair, with a price tag of $2,700. This model is the constant best seller whilst it has been upgraded with various innovations.

The Evoke has a brand-new full-body silhouette. This chair provides a deep massage because of its 38 airbags which are redefining the perception of a full-body compression massage. Why compression?

This is due to the fact that additionally to slipping into a peaceful mental state, the blood circulation of the body heightens as the numbers of the blood pressure are decreasing. Despite the massage style you opt for, the same benefits will be reaped.

This chair has the zero-gravity feature with which you will have all the benefits you want when you are troubled with muscle, joint & skeletal problems.

By tipping back you will feel the alleviation within minutes, due to this chair’s internal roller system which nurtures your spine as well as its deep kneading advantages.

You will experience a massage alike that delivered in a studio by professional masseuses, massaging the regions of your body which require therapeutic attention. The Infinity Evoke CB massage chair is considered the real deal and you should not get frightened by the price!

Benefits & Features

  • The chair’s heating system provides gradual alleviation because it treats aches & pains without or with a massage.
  • The Infinity Evoke’s system for foot massage consists of 6 sole massagers & 8 airbags
  • The chair’s upholstery is created for heat massage as well as carefree maintenance.
  • It will pamper your vertebral discs by assisting your spine to align appropriately for the alleviation of pressure.
  • The individual massage centres are focusing on the following areas: arm, lumbar, shoulder feet and / or legs.
  • Sensor for modifying the pain areas.
  • Best massage chair for adults.
  • 38 airbags are available.
  • Zero gravity feature is available.
  • Deep kneading with 3-layered massage airbags.
  • Heating function is available.
  • Not compatible with Bluetooth.
  • Not for tall persons.
  • Expensive.


5. Infinity IT 8500 – Massage Chair

The Infinity IT 8500 massage chair has been the Infinity brand’s standard bearer for a lot of yes. This model may not have all the embellishments of the newer IT 8500X3. However, it still provides spine-compressing massages which can re-adjust the nerve centre which spans the back.

You can customize and program the 8500 massage chair for focused treatments, whilst listening to music through the chair’s built-in speakers.

This chair is equipped with targeted foot roller ability, lumbar heat mechanism & a body scan sensor-system.

This model Infinity chair renders assistance to their users to unwind when they are leaning back, whilst enjoying the advantages of preset programs.

Within minutes, the zero-gravity positioning doubles down the time it will take you to get your whole body at rest.

With a price tag just higher than R4,000  this massage chair is available in chocolate brown and weighing 348 pounds, it is bulky enough should you decide to invest in it for deriving benefits to both your physical & mental health.

Benefits & Features

  • With its 22 inch shoulder-width area, it can accommodates the larger upper bodies with ease
  • Doctors recommend this chair for their patients who require relaxation & rehabilitation in their homes.
  • Function & design defects have been eradicated over time
  • Internet videos give great assistance if you are assembling this chair yourself
  • This chair has wheels at its back if it has to be moved
  • The preset scanning feature is available.
  • Extended stretching system is present.
  • Allows your body to get adjusted perfectly.
  • Customer support is reliable.
  • Escape feature is perfect for a sound sleep.
  • Shoulder airbags are not in the right position.
  • Optical scanning feature is not available.
  • Expensive.


6. Infinity Genesis 3D

Infinite Genesis 3D is the next best massage chair on our list and it has got a load of features to offer as well. The best thing about this massaging chair is its design which is modernized and is able to adjust in your room at the same time. The first impressions are absolutely smooth. That being said, the best infinity massage chair allows you to enjoy a perfect and comfortable massaging experience. No matter in which body part are you feeling the pain, the brand new Genesis 3D is there for you to comfort each and every area of your body. Well, with a load of features, you will expect that the price tag of this massage chair would be extremely high. This statement is in fact, very true and you should not think about the chair if you are low on budget.

First things first, the overall length of the chair is 49″. The shape of the chair is based on L-Track technology which makes sure that you can easily sit on it ergonomically. Keeping the right body posture, the chair can provide you an ideal massaging experience within a matter of time.

On the other hand, the zero gravity feature is also up to the mark. You will be able to feel virtually weightless as the chair elevates your feet to such an extent that it becomes balanced with your body. In this way, the comfort is provided to your vertebrae in the best possible manner.

The very next feature that I am going to discuss in this massage chair is its shape and design. As I have mentioned above, the best infinity massage chair of 2019 comes with a minimalist body so as to make sure that it will not consume a lot of space.

Finally, Bluetooth technology has been made available within the best massaging chair so as to make sure that you can connect multimedia devices with it. Music can be listened in this way from the chair as well.

Some of the pros and cons related to the Genesis 3D chair are as follows:

  • Zero gravity massage chair.
  • Comes with L-track shape.
  • Minimalist design with a modern shape.
  • Bluetooth technology is available.
  • 3D massage system for a better comforting experience.
  • Perfect for adults and tired people.
  • Extremely expensive.
  • No other cons.

Final Views:

Infinity Genesis 3D is one of the massage chairs available in the market with a sleek shape, a perfect design, and an ability to provide you a relaxing and comfortable experience at the same time. Better get it before the chair runs out of stock.


7. Infinity Evolution Premium 3D

Infinity Evolution Prime 3D is finally the last massage chair on our list. This massage chair being introduced by Infinity makes sure that you enjoy a perfect deal of comforting and relaxing experience for a long period of time. That being said, you will be able to relax your tired body within a short span of time as well. In fact, you will get lost in the sensational comfort and touch that this massage chair comes with. All things being said, the best infinity massage chair has got a sleek and slim design with a room-saving body as well.

Infinity has emphasized a lot on the kind of chairs that it produces and it can be seen in all the models that this brand has released. On the other hand, with a load of different features and properties, Infinity Evolution Premium 3D is marked at a huge price range making it one of the most expensive massage chairs available in the market.

First of all, the best massage chair comes with voice control function. You might be able to use the voice commands for changing the current message mode easily. Not only that, but you can also start or stop the massage chair with the voice control feature.

There are two memory functions available within the chair. Moreover, the benefits of these memory functions are that they remember the last time you chose a massage program for your body.

There are calf rollers available within the chair. They make oscillation in an ideal manner so that your calves remain relaxed and pumped up for a long period of time.

Finally, the best infinity massage chair comes with a 3D massage system technology to ensure a comfortable massaging experience for a long period of time.

Some of the positives and negatives related to Infinity Evolution Premium 3D are as follows:

  • A voice control command is available.
  • Comes with 2 different memory functions.
  • Calf rollers are available with proper oscillations.
  • Air Ionizer is also present.
  • 3D Massage technology.
  • Modern design with a minimalist shape.
  • Extremely expensive.
  • No other cons.

Final Views:

Infinity Evolution  Premium 3D is indeed one of the most expensive massage chairs available in the market. However, once you have got your hands on this chair, you will be worry-free for the rest of your life. So, get it before it runs out of stock.



Infinity is one of its kind and has got a prominent name in the market when it comes to producing the best massage chairs in the market. The chairs produced by Infinity are extremely durable and they can provide you the due value for a long period of time as well. In case you want to get an Infinity chair, I will recommend you to go for:

  1. Infinity IT8500X3 EB-3D as its the overall best massage chair of 2019.
  2. Infinity IT-Riage X3 if you have no budget issues.
  3. Infinity Genesis 3D as its an ideal choice for people with discomforting issues.

Top 6 Best Panasonic Massage Chairs Review – Buyer’s Guide

Best Panasonic Massage Chairs

For more than a century the Panasonic brand is a household name for producing a lot of industrial and consumer innovations, too many to mention! We will focus on their manufacturing of Panasonic Massage Chairs.

Panasonic states that they do not manufacture engineered massage chairs, but ‘zengineered’ ones. They are of the opinion that their massage chairs are much more than usual home appliances. They claim that their massage chairs has the ability to transform fatigued and highly strung users into zeniths.

According to the company their massage chairs transfer users to idyllic states which are based on a blending of zenlike, ancient ideas, intuition, meditation and avant garde technology.

Whilst other manufacturing companies pledge to knead, pound and massage their users into a state of calmness, Panasonic want you to take into consideration that they will give you deep therapy, caressing & lulling you into an unequalled state.

Now lets have a look at the list of best panasonic massage chairs

List of Top 6 Panasonic Massage Chairs

Massage Programs
Check Price
1. Panasonic Ma73ku
6 programs
33 airbags

2. Panasonic Ma70
6 programs
33 airbags

3. Panasonic Real Pro
5 programs
35 airbags

4. Panasonic Swede Atsu
12 programs
31 airbags

5. Panasonic Ma70cx
12 programs
33 airbags

6. Panasonic Maj7
13 programs
37 airbags

1. Panasonic’s EP MA-73KU – Heated Massage Chair

This massage chair is the flagship of the Panasonic range of massage chairs.

The fact that this Panasonic massage chair is called their Prestige Luxury chair is no coincidence. This massage chair is the essence of style and the Panasonic EP MA-73KU Real Pro-Ultra Prestige 3D luxury massage chair has this heated function.

It is upholstered with synthetic leather of top quality and can be purchased in brown or black, whilst the fabric will please environmentalists too.

This excellent massage chair delivers a full-body revitalizing treatment which treats your back, hands, feet and calves like royalty.

Its massage rollers operate collaboratively as well as in various directions, stretching & soothing your muscles until totally relaxed.

Your massage experience will deliver immediate therapeutic alleviation which also includes improved range of movement, increased blood flow, whilst providing clear thinking, a psychological benefit.

Due to the fact that the Pro-Ultra provides a 3D massage, certain regions of your body which might be overlooked by other massage chairs, receive extra attention. When the heating mechanism of this Panasonic massage chair is activated, users of this opulent chair compare their massage experience with receiving hot stone therapy.

This chair offers a choice of ten kneading programs; everyone imitates the Junetsu massage techniques which imitates the thumb-like circular kneading movements provided to the body’s areas which need the most attention.

You can choose from the following variety: Neck; 3D Neck; Shoulder; Side; Upper-back – vertical; Upper-back – high speed; Lower-back – vertical; Middle-back; Full Back & Waist.

Each targeted application consisting of circular strokes are identifying & targeting the body’s accupoints which are known for boosting energy by experts who specializes in the massage therapy of the East.

  • High-comfort luxury massage chair.
  • Multi-directional thermal massage rollers.
  • Comes with Ten kneading techniques.
  • 3D massage system with 33 air cells.
  • 6 automatic massage programs.
  • 110 manual massage programs.
  • Expensive massage chair.
  • Replacing parts is tough and difficult.
  • Timer period is short.


2. Panasonic EP MA-70 – Real Pro-Ultra Massage Chair

This Panasonic massage chair has the approval of the American Chiropractic-Association.

This chair is new to Panasonic’s collection of massage chairs, whilst it is just available in black. The Panasonic EP MA-70 Real Pro-Ultra’s price tag is its compensating feature. It comes at a price which is approximately $1,000 lower than the Prestige chair, which we discussed first in this review.

However, both these chairs are manufactured by Panasonic which give you all the perks, whilst you can save a substantial amount of money.

The inner workings of this chair are its main benefits and features. This Panasonic chair, with its Real Pro-Ultra 3D massage-system has the automatic body-scanning technology which is isolating the regions of your body which need the most therapeutic attention.

This chair’s rollers do not just provide your aching muscles & tissue with multi directional attention, but are heated too, giving consumers a full Japanese Junetsu massage with strokes which are imitating human hands.

Panasonic introduced this massage system, called Ultra-Knead technology.

The Real Pro-Ultra massage chair offers a refreshing alternative to users who were looking at massage chairs which can just be customized for a single person. Customized programs are possible for up to three individuals, whilst these programs will remain within the memory of the system as long as you have this Panasonic massage chair.

  • Recommended by doctors.
  • LCD remote control is available.
  • Six-preprogrammed massage modes.
  • 108 massage combinations are available.
  • Modern Design.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • Color options are few.
  • Airbags are not adjustable.
  • A bit expensive.


3. Panasonic EP Real-Pro – Luxury Ultra-Prestige Heated Massage Chair

This chair’s Control Feature has the Best Voice-command.

The Panasonic EP Real-Pro Luxury Ultra-Prestige MA-73T is closely related to the Panasonic EP MA-73KU Real Pro-Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury – Heated Massage Chair, described in the first position of our review list of Panasonic massage chairs.

The price is also similar and you will need to look attentively to be able to find the differences.

This chair weighs 218 pounds, whilst its upholstery is a fabric of synthetic leather. The product developers at Panasonic had chosen this fabric purposely, due to the fact that it its maintenance and cleaning are easier compared with genuine leather, whilst it adapts to consistent heat and motion.

This chair provides a superior massage which is closely emulating the human touch, whilst internal mechanisms deliver avant garde multifrontal technology. This massage chair, with its vertical & horizontal rollers, enhances your massage experience, whichever kind of massage is your preference.

The LED-trimmed, 7 colour remote control is easy to use, particularly when you opt for a massage program from its 6 preset programs. However, if your preference is to have a customized massage, you can use the targeted manual choices to counteract the pains, aches & stress you are experiencing.

This model Panasonic massage chair provides a realistic, multifrontal 3D-workout with the aid of an interior sensor which has the ability to identify problematic areas. The moment the areas are identified, heat & the massage rollers will start restoring circulation, alleviate tension, oxygenate blood, whilst lulling your senses into a euphoric realm.

However, should you had selected one of its more forceful massage strokes, for example the Shiatsu deep-tissue kneading, it will take more time reaching such a realm, whilst waiting will be worthwhile.

  • Mechanical massage rollers.
  • Five diverse massage sessions are present.
  • Voice command feature is present.
  • Recommended for people with rheumatoid arthritis.
  • 33 air cell system.
  • Minimalist design.
  • Color options are limited.
  • Extremely expensive.
  • Availability is limited.


4. Panasonic Swede-Atsu – Companion Massage Lounger

For the Panasonic Swede-Atsu – Companion Massage Lounger, you do not have to break the bank. The Panasonic Swede-Atsu comes at half the price of the Real-Pro and almost two thirds less in comparison with the two most expensive models within our review.

Forming part of the collection of Panasonic massage chairs, this chair has the approval of the American Chiropractic-Association. The focus of this chair is deep tissue alleviation as either, according to your choice, 2 or 4 rubber massage heads, which are installed in the Wave system of the Panasonic Swede-Atsu, will do the work.

Although it is an affordable chair, you won’t experience deprivation. The Swede-Atsu offers stressed & aching bodies, an assortment of options which include sophisticated massage modes.

These modes include 4 which are preset, whilst 8 are manual, which offer you a wide variety of choices to experience the customized treatment you prefer: upper body; full-body; lower body.

Choose the Swede-Atsu above the other massage chairs in Panasonic’s selection and you will find a great variety of choices at an affordable price which won’t ruin your budget and not adding more stress. Engineers created 80 massage combinations from which you can choose. However for a lot of people, its float mechanism will already seal the deal.

The massage area which is covered by the Swede-Atsu’s rolling mechanism is 135 square inches. Whatever your objective is, whether it is alleviating neck pain or aching legs, this chair has a setting which will do the trick. The chair, weighing just 155 pounds can be easily moved around.

  • 4 preset massage programs are available.
  • Provides a comfortable massage experience.
  • Minimalist shape and design.
  • It doesn’t acquire large space.
  • 80 massage combinations are available.
  • Best for adult people.
  • Not so advanced.
  • Requires proper assembling.
  • Rollers are not adjustable.


5. Panasonic EP-MA70CX

The next Panasonic massage chair on our list is one of its kind. With the availability of different features, this massage chair surely is an ideal choice for people who have got discomforting issues especially n the backbone area of their body. First things first, this chair has got a pretty solid construction. The use of premium quality materials makes it a suitable and worthy chair to be used for many years to come. The shape is modern. You can easily fit this chair in accordance with your room furniture. That being said, the high load of features and durable construction makes this chair an expensive deal for people with low money.

There are 6 different fully automatic body massage modes available within the chair. That being said, the best Panasonic chair comes with a refresh, shiatsu, hip, neck/shoulder, deep, and lower back massage modes. You can adjust these modes to enjoy a perfect massaging experience.

On the other hand, 6 manual programs are also available including ultra kneading, Swedish, rolling and tapping. In case you are feeling pain or discomfort in a specific area, you can simply use these modes to comfort yourself.

The complete body scan feature is available within the chair. The best massage chair 2019 comes with smart scan technology which automatically finds out the areas of your body that needs comfort and relaxing.

Finally, a 3D massage mechanism along with proper air massage technology makes this chair a suitable choice for people with leg and calf discomforting issues. In addition, the 100% pre-assembly feature of the chair is the reason why many people are interested in it.

Some of the positives and negatives related to Panasonic EP-MA70CX are as follows:

  • 6 automatic body massage features.
  • Comes with a modern and minimalist design.
  • Doesn’t cover a large area.
  • 6 manual modes are also available.
  • The smart body scan is available.
  • 3D massage with air massage technology.
  • Extremely expensive.
  • No other cons.

Final Views:

Panasonic EP-MA70CX is an ideal choice for people who want to get an extraordinary massaging experience. The best massage chair by Panasonic has got an expensive price range though. You better watch your pocket before you start thinking about this chair.


6. Panasonic MAJ7

MAJ7 is the last chair on our list regarding the best Panasonic chairs of 2019. The best massage chair comes with many amazing features that will allow you to have a comfortable and peaceful massage experience for a long period of time. That being said, this massage chair also has got a durable and sturdy construction. You will be able to use it for many years to come. It has got many powerful properties such as manual and automatic massage modes. However, the price tag it has got is very expensive. So, either you are not completely serious about getting a massage chair, you should never think about MAJ7 by Panasonic.

First of all, the best massage chair by Panasonic comes with 37 air cells and whisper-quiet motors in order to provide you the best massaging experience. Proper comfort will be provided to each and every part of your body so that you can enjoy a relaxing environment while sitting on the chair.

There is a 3D independent drive available within the chair. This drive, with the help of robotic engineering, enables the internal massage heads so as to provide a perfect deal of massaging motions. This chair provides a natural human-like massaging experience respectively.

In addition, there are 6 different pre-set massage programs available within the chair. You can activate any mod according to the discomfort level you have got in different body areas easily.

Lastly, I would want to discuss the size and shape that this chair has got. The best Panasonic chair comes with a modern design. Not only that, but it also has got a perfect minimalist design that is able to coincide with your room’s furniture easily.

Some of the positives and negatives are as follows:

  • Most advanced massaging chair of 2019.
  • Comes with 37 air cells.
  • Provides a comfortable body massage.
  • Modern design and shape.
  • 6-preset massage programs are available.
  • 3D independent drive.
  • Extremely expensive.
  • No other cons.

Final Views:

MAJ7 by Panasonic, in short, is the most expensive massage chair of 2019. Better think about the budget you have got before you start considering this chair considering the features and price tag it has got.



Panasonic massage chairs are one of the most popular massagers available in the market. Such chairs make sure that you get a peaceful and comfortable massage chair for a long period of time. So, give them a try and I will especially recommend you to go for Panasonic EP MA-73KU as it’s the best massage chair of 2019.

Buyer’s Guide: Panasonic Massage Chair Selection

Below are some guidelines to help you to make an informed decision, although you probably already decided which brand to purchase.


  1. Always do online comparing regarding retail store pricing and include assembly & delivery costs to derive the correct sales price.
  2. Consider the Panasonic massage chair to be an investment. Take into account how much a visit at a massage studio cost and then multiply it with your number of visits. The Panasonic massage chair model you purchase may pay for itself in a shorter period than you thought.
  3. Purchased a chair taking into account your needs. When you are suffering from issues in your lower back, choose a model which prioritizes this area.
  4. Measure the area within your home, where the massage chair will be placed taking into consideration the accessibility to wall outlets, whilst not blocking traffic.
  5. When you need heat, don’t consider a Panasonic massage chair which doesn’t has this feature.
  6. Enquire whether the rollers of the massage chair are adjustable; otherwise you may not receive the alleviation you want. You should opt for the massage chair with the longest stroke; look at 29 inches to experience full coverage.
  7. It is important to check the chair’s motor power. How more forceful the motor, the more vigorous the massage will be. If you deem your first massage experience within a Panasonic model chair and feel it is not intense enough, it might not be the best option.
  8. Degrees of incline are recognized by the furniture industry, which bottoms out at 175-degrees, meaning almost flat. Take this scale into consideration when determining if a massage chair provides the incline you are looking for.
  9. Try to get the most comprehensive and longest warranty possible. Massage chairs usually become family favourites. Should something go wrong, your warranty can be a convenient life-saver.
  10. Bargains are available, especially on the older Panasonic massage chair models. We advise you to purchase the newer version of an old design. Getting the set-up and delivery free, can be a bonus.

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