Our review of the EC-06C full body Shiatsu massage chair may be helpful assisting you in making an informed decision whether you want to invest in this reclining massage chair, which comes in brown with a stretched footrest.

Best Massage updated the design of their EC-06C Shiatsu chair which included the
design, the features as well as its functions.

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The Shiatsu EC-06C Full Body Massage chair Features

  • Extra-long massaging range:

The chair is equipped to deliver a long-range massage, reaching up to the neck
area, whilst it can reach low down to the tailbone area of the chair.

  • Air massage technology:

The EC-06C comes with 30 air bags, of which 20 are located in the chair’s lower
body region, delivering compression massages to the thighs, hips, legs & feet.
These massages result in an improvement of blood circulation in the body’s lower

Additionally, the massage chair’s air massage technology features several intensity
levels which can be adjusted, ranging from powerful to weaker massages which
can be changed easily via a control panel.

  • Fully automatic recline chair:

The reclining and raising actions of the leg & footrest area as well as the backrest
are executed automatically. The backrest has the capability to recline to a
maximum of 170 degrees, whilst the footrest area is able to rise to 80 degrees.

Massage Techniques:

This patented back massage chair is offering gentle pressure along the spine on the
acupuncture points. The massage techniques which are linked to the Shiatsu
principles include:


Pressing and rotating with a thumb which results in an enjoyable kneading
massage which will be working out knots, whilst muscle pain is reduced.


During this technique, the chair will keep tapping the whole surface of your back.


A knocking massage is applied by mimicking a palm which rapidly knocks your


Up and down movements, which simulate the fixation point of a rotating pressing
finger, to deliver a direct and efficient massage effect.

Smart Roller System:

This Shiatsu massage chair from Best Massage contains an intelligent roller system
which adapts to the person’s spine & back curvature, providing a customized
the massage when sitting down in the chair.

Seemingly, massaging strokes are used by the rollers, resembling the feeling of a
human touch.

Powerful massage rollers are delivering Shiatsu results, like decreasing fatigue and
reducing muscle stress, whilst refreshing the body and mind.

Percussion & Compression:

Mobility, the legs’ posture, and flexibility are enhanced.

Preset Massage Programs:

The EC-06C massage machine has 4 preset automatic massage programs which
include: Extend Program, Recovery Program, Refresh Program & Relax Program
as well as manual modes.

It delivers flexibility with over 30 airbags and built-in heat smart roller system.

Each of the above-mentioned programs delivers an equivalent message. For
example, your tight muscles will be relaxed by the Relax program.

With the touch of a button, these programs can easily be accessed.

 Adapts to Shape of the Back: Neck Massage Feature:

This Shiatsu massage chair adapts to the shape and contour of your back. Via a
neck massage feature which was added, the “tsubo points” located in the neck
region, are targeted by the massage heads for alleviating stress.

Heat Therapy:

Best Massage’s EC-06C model contains a heating function which is situated within
the lower back, waist and feet areas which can be accessed by pressing a button.

The heat therapy associated with the Chinese tradition delivers deep and
penetrating heat therapy which enhances the body’s immunity, blood circulation,
whilst it is slowing down aging.

Vibration Massage:

A powerful vibrating motor as well as air massage technology delivers a deep
massage to the hip, buttocks, calve and thigh areas.

Upper Arm Massage:

The airbags which are positioned inside the arm area of this Shiatsu massage chair
provides it with the capability to deliver an extensive compression massage.

Wrist & Hand Massage:

This Shiatsu massage machine contains a built-in system of airbags which
massages your hands and wrists, providing great alleviation to people who suffer
from the condition of carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Control Panel:

The EC-06C’s control panel is positioned on a stand extending from the massage
chair’s arm. The buttons needed for selecting the intensity levels or automatic
programs are located inside the control panel.

Product Details: Technical Specifications:

Brand                             –        Best Massage
       Weight of Chair    –        300 lbs
       Shipping Weight –        300 lbs (read important note below)
       Dimensions          –        42 inches (H) x 55 inches (L) 35 inches
Ranking Best
Sellers on Amazon         –        No 108,898 category: Health and
Ranking Best                 Household

No. 76 within Health and Household –
Professional Massage Equipment –
Salon and Spa Chairs
Customer Review:                   278 client reviews: Average: 4.3 stars

out of 5-stars.

1.        Airbags                          30
2.        Massage Techniques      4
 3.     Auto Massage Programs         4 preset
  4.    Voltage                          110V


Shipping & Assembly:

Deluxe Service: In-home delivery will be done within 3-7 business days to the
office or room of your choice, also including unpacking the chair and removing
debris. However, it is advisable to ensure that this service will be available to you
(see note below).
You will need to assemble the Shiatsu EC-06C. The massage machine will be
delivered with the armrests, backrest pad as well as the control panel, detached.

You will be able to assemble it with the assistance of the instruction manual.

Important Note:

A freight company will ship your massage chair. The driver of the shipping
company won’t enter your home or apartment. Thus, your massage chair will be
delivered outside your apartment or house.

In case your apartment is located in a high-rise building, your chair will be
delivered to your building.

To ship your chair to you, your telephone number at work will be required. Take
into account that freight shipment is rather expensive.

In case you are unavailable or refuse the shipment, it will be sent back to the
company who will be charged by the freight company for the shipping fee.

If this should happen, you will be refunded, but a shipping fee of $300 for both
ways will be deducted.

Warranty: BM-EC-06C:

This massage chair carries a limited warranty of 1 year, including specified parts &

Clients who send broken or damage items back to be repaired by the manufacturer,
will have to pay for the costs.

The manufacturers will pay the costs when a repaired or new product is returned to
the customer.

However, as terms sometimes change, we advise you to directly contact the seller
for the complete warranty information.


1. The chair is easy to assemble and don’t take up too much space.

2. Intelligent roller system scans & memorizes the curve of your spine, for a
customized therapy massage session.

3. The chair offers different positions, giving you a penetrating Shiatsu massage,
when heat can be applied to specific areas of the body.


1. The BM Shiatsu EC-06C‘s reclining feature cannot be compared to other
massage chairs which have the feature of zero gravity.

2. A limited warranty of 1 year which only cover parts and labour.

3.  Customers who experienced that the massage chair broke down within a 1year
period are disheartened and disappointed.

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